Not a bad day overall.


We got through most of what I wanted to. We started the day with another book about migration and students finished up their page of drawing four animals that migrate. We had to look up to learn that ladybugs and jellyfish don’t migrate.

After recess we had gym where we did relay races that the children got to design and then we did a January poem. I really wanted them to perform, but I gave them time to colour their poetry title page instead. They were squirrelly.

After lunch and silent reading and guided reading we had a visit from Fin and started talking about what we like about ourselves.

We ended the day with playing outside in the sunshine:)

I got asked today if I want to have the fuzzy carpet removed off my classroom walls. This carpet is original to the building, so about forty years old and you can’t staple into it. However, my class would have to move out of the room for at least a week. I also don’t know how long I would have to wait to have my whiteboards and smartboard reinstalled after the project was complete. I have to give my decision in the morning, but just don’t know what I’m going to do yet. Any advice???


I left at 3:30 so I could get home for my 4:15 run. Of course Dennis was texting that he was already here when I was walking down the hall to my condo. It was a quick change and headed out for a 4.19km run. It was actually about 4.59, but it took my watch forever to connect:(

I did manage to pick it up for the last 200meters. This is something I heard about doing on the MTA podcast and thought I would try- the idea of picking up my speed at the end when my legs are tired. I hope it does something positive for me!

I also did the NourishMoveLove 10 minute low impact HIIT workout and 8 minutes of yoga.

I’m happy with myself for today.


I have spent the evening taking apart my sleeve and have finally begun to reknit. I realize now that I didn’t keep record of what I did on the first sleeve so this may be interesting🤪


I’ve been enjoying watching the Canadian baking show again though it sure does make me want to try to bake everything they do. Where are the hordes of people when you need them???

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve

  1. Where would you and your class be while the carpet is being removed? it sounds like it would generally be a good idea to have it taken down, but like it would be a bit of a pain. Why wouldn’t they do something like this over the summer or a longer break?

  2. This sounded like a wonderful day, productive and pleasant. Sleeves — they say our limbs are not exactly the same. It won’t matter if your second sleeve is different, as long as it fits the arm you are making it for. It might be a little hard to keep your arm stretched out all the time if you make it a tad too long. Just keep moving and nobody will notice.

  3. hmmm… carpet on the walls is strange, but I guess it would help with noise. I would think this would be a great summer project not one completed during the school year, but I know how schools work and I’m not surprised. I also know that just as you said you never know how long it will take to finish and then complete the task of putting everything back. Will they then need to paint where they removed the carpet too? Clean wise I’d jump on the option, but giving up the consistency of my space for an indefinite time… can you put it off until later??

    I always feel the same way watching baking shows… ok now I want to make that! Not that I do, and yes I understand the feeling of wishing I had more people to bake for too

    1. I’m assuming it was put up for sound proofing. I asked if they could come back and they say yes, but won’t say it will be on a break. It could be in June or September or anytime.
      Yup they scrape it off, sand and paint.

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