Another normal day. If my knee didn’t still hurt, it’d be great!


We had a good day. All but one of my students is doing their home reading🎉🎊. We got through a lesson in printing the letter r, our first lesson on place value, and worked again on our line art, though we unfortunately didn’t get that finished😞 We still celebrated by going outside to play in the sunshine.

When looking at the home reading program I saw that one of the girls in my class recorded her reading at 11:31 last night. Doesn’t that seem a little late for a six year old to be up? She said she was washing her hair when I asked her about it. Hmmm, I so couldn’t do that!

After school I stayed to finish prep for next week.

I couldn’t believe I got to walk home in daylight! No rain really helps the light situation!


While my hand really only complains during my daily plank, my knee is still talking:(. I tried to take it easy again today by doing only upper body and abs for my workout, and an easy round of yoga. It’s better than nothing, I keep telling myself. It is bugging me though that I’m not anywhere near what I usually am for mileage:(


For a project that I thought would take one day, my sweater sleeves instead took five days. I finally finished them today and I will probably wear the sweater tomorrow to test them out. I have moved onto a slouchy toque for one of the ladies at trivia. My plan is to use two charcoal remnants and hope it looks good!

Well I need sleep!

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Finally Finished

  1. While I do think that 11pm is really late for a 6 year old I can’t say I’m shocked. I’ve taught kids for too many years for that to surprise me. I had a little guy one year who kept falling asleep in school. Come to find out mom worked a shift in the middle of the day and got home from work around 10pm and he would wait up to talk to her before going to bed. Then he had to be up and going early in the morning, so yep he was exhausted at 1:30/2:00 and would just fall asleep in school.

  2. That is crazy late for 6 yr old to be up doing anything. I think if it is a working household, by the time parents are home, dinner is over and homework begins, it gets rather late.

    1. I remember clearly going to bed at 7:30, but I too come from a whole family of early birds. Don’t call any of us after 8pm, but 5:30 in the morning is fine

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