It was a very quiet weekend for me.


I spent a lot of the weekend knitting and got two toques finished and a sweater started. I made the first toque but then decided it would be too small for my trivia mate so I did the same toque pattern again in a heavier weight of yarn. Now it seems too big. I will take it on Tuesday and see if she likes it or not. The pattern is free on Ravelry and is called the Slouchy Beehive Hat. The yarn was recycled from one of my grandma’s sweaters. If nothing else, I have a new toque and it took seven skeins out of the stash.

The sweater I have started is a cotton one. I had made the Largo racerback, but never wore it so I frogged it. I hadn’t entered the yarn back into my stash so feel like I have to get it knitted up.

I just wanted a simple short sleeved, crew neck shirt and so am using the directions in my Top Down Sweaters book by Anne Budd since I couldn’t find anything in ravelry that was quite right. I’ll let you know how it goes.


On Saturday I did another Nourish Move Live workout for the glutes. I also did a Fit On workout. My friend at work suggested this app, but I have to admit I’m not super impressed yet.

This morning I ran 7km. I’m still not back to ten kilometer Sundays but my knee is also not back to normal yet, so I guess that’s a good thing.


My sourdough starter smelled of acetone Friday when I took it out of the fridge so I did some extra feeding and felt like it was in a good place today. I let it rise for four hours this time and it still came out raw in the middle. I feel like I need to get one of those thermometers you can stick into it, as it always sounds hollow to me. It has not stopped me from eating way too much of it!

I’ve been watching the Canadian baking show as I knit this weekend and that is obviously dangerous!

Well that’s my weekend in a nutshell.

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Everyone in the world seems to be making sourdough and I just don’t like the stuff! Or banana bread, or is that just a thing here? I love y our endless wool supply – make, unmake, make another thing …

  2. I have a sweater I am thinking I may frog…maybe I’ll get brave! 7 km sounds like a long distance after this knee incident, you did very well. No ugly after effects I hope. I have started an 8 minute exercise routine designed to be done before bed to help you sleep better. I’m going to try to do it every night until I can do the whole thing. It has plan ups in it, but I can even do a 1 minute plank yet, so I have several weeks to go before I change to a newer, harder one! I’m certain you would laugh at how easy it is.

    1. Nope I never laugh at exercise. I started from absolutely nothing so if you’re doing some exercise, you’re doing great! I am working on a longer plank too, but feel like maybe I’m increasing too fast, I may slow the progress down. I’m trying to do something each day:)

  3. I cannot figure out you sourdough raw issues. I wonder if you split the dough into two loaves, that may help. I make round loaves. They need 55 minutes to be baked. You can stick a butter knife into the loaf and if it pulls out raw, keep baking? If the top is getting too dark,, c over it with tinfoil lightly

    1. I was thinking about that on the walk to school today and thinking maybe I would try free form long baguette type loaves next week. Or maybe I should stop this nonsense so I quit eating so much bread

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