2020 Wrap Up Knitting

I’m going to do a series of wrap up posts as I love numbers and to review my year, but I’ll do them separately so you all can avoid reading the ones that don’t interest you.

According to Ravelry:

I completed 50 knitting projects in 2020. My goal was just forty so I think that’s pretty good. I actually did a few more than that as some projects contain more than one item.

13 sweaters

17 toques

9 cowl/scarf/shawl

2 pairs of socks

3 pairs of booties

5 headbands/ear warmers

1 baby blanket

1 market bag

When did I do all this knitting? Well,…

January – 8 projects

February- 10 projects

March- 10 projects

April- 2 projects

May- 4 projects

June- 1 project

July- 1 project

August- 2 projects

September- 2 projects

October- 3 projects

November- 2 projects

December- 5 projects

Wow I never realized I knit so much more at the start of the year than during the rest of the year. I also had thought the quarantine time would be the most projects, but obviously I did almost no knitting during quarantine.

Looking at my pictures, I realize I’m not a huge colour work person, but I do really like texture or interest in my projects.

I think the projects I am most proud of are the baby booties I made for a friend’s new nephew as I had to crochet and knit and I had to figure parts out for myself.

Sweater wise I am happiest with my most recent finish- the Instillness Mini by Alicia Plummer. This isn’t a tough knit, but I like that I went back and made fixed it so I am completely happy with it!

I also am pleased to say that I used exactly 100 skeins from my stash this year:)

Have fun!