Since I finally get to stop somewhere larger on my trip to see Kathy, I decided to do some shopping.

My first trip had to be the Yarn Bar! This shop is open as long as you wash your hands and have a mask, which thankfully I did. I loved how many project ideas the present.

Yarn is my usual souvenir when I am traveling and I always aim to get something that is local to the area I am in. Montana is obviously the place for mess they had tons of local options! I had to try some Western Sky Knits because I’ve heard so much about it on the Yarniacs podcast. Then I saw the local shawl cuff and knew I had to have that too. They have some local kits, but I think I’ll stick to single skeins. I picked up some Mountain Colours and some Polka Dot Sheep Yarn which is fromWhitefish,Montana. I can’t wait to get busy knitting!

I decided to stop in and see what the local running store, Time Out Sports had too. It was fun to read clearly about what kind of foot strike I have. this store was great for finding some fuel,nutrition and a new outfit:)

I wanted to stop in at a local used bookstore, but there were just too many to choose from, so that will have to wait. Probably better to not carry books anyways

I stopped in at Rae Raes Gluten Free bakery, but I will have to wait until I can ask what is dairy free too.

It’s been fun to be in a big city, but I’d better get back to running (quite literally).

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Shopping in Billings

    1. It was fun to go looking. I hadn’t even thought of highlighting that type of thing because I haven’t been in any bigger cities before this

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