It was finally Thursday! My days with the kids are fine, but I’m just so tired!


We got through printing the letter H, music, a lesson on adding on strategy for addition, and an art project for a hibernating bear.

The kids were really good, which was good because I was tired from the get go.

The funniest thing was that I wore my new school sweatshirt today and the first thing my students said to me was that my shirt was too big. I said, “but all the other teachers were getting them”, and one little guy asked me,” well if all the other teachers go off a cliff will you do that too?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

After school, I had a zoom meeting and then we had Bookclub with the kids after that. It was our first Bookclub of the year and it was really nice to talk with the kids about books again!


I am knitting on my entrelac scarf in the morning and my socks in the evening. I got to the third row of the first chart and determined that I was four stitches short on my second sock. I have to rip out the second sock and will have to start over tomorrow.


Tonight I had my second athletic yoga class. It went really fast and didn’t seem as tough or as long as last week. It was still really great to get to go to a class though!

Well I’m sorry I don’t have anything more interesting for today. I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. I think it’s interesting that your class is good this year. Such was not the case a year or so ago.

    A few days ago you said the children had slipped backwards because of having a long weekend. I’ve tried and tried to remember if I felt restless in school, but I don’t think it happened often. One exception — if snow began to fall. That was rare in our Southern state. All eyes would have been on the windows, as we prayed earnestly to be released early. Leaving early probably happened three times in 12 years. The teacher should have used that time teaching us about probability.

    1. Lol we don’t get snow very often here either and while I can’t let the children go early, I have promised we will go out with black paper to catch snowflakes and look at them if it starts snowing while we’re at school

  2. Days where you enter the school day feeling off are TOUGH! But, at least your kiddos had a good day. Don’t you love when kids say things to you that make you think well DUH and… Kudos to that family and child for learning that you don’t have to fit in or whatever. While at the same time thinking I just got slammed by a 6 year old for my wardrobe. Yep you can’t win. I bet you will think twice before you wear that sweatshirt to school again this year

    1. Lol I was impressed with the parenting there for sure. I’ll definitely wear it again, but I guess I’d better fix it first🤣

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