It’s been another typical quiet weekend, but this evening I’m glad for that!


On Saturday I did yoga and a NourishMoveLove upper body and abs workout. I’m trying to be smart with my knee.

Today I did a 5.76km run with Sarah and a plank.


I’ve been reading and finished Next To Me, but it’s not good enough to recommend.


I am working away on my I Scream socks. The legs of both are done and I have turned the heel on one of them. I am hoping to be done by Saturday!


I got busy today and made an Irish Stew from my One Pot Paleo cookbook. It was super yummy, but how could it not be with bacon in it.


Grrrr- it all happens at once! My dishwasher is still broken and after two loads of laundry today, my washing machine decided to break too. Then my teaching buddy texted today she tested positive:(. I called 811 and they have deemed I don’t have to do anything except self monitor as we are good about the masks and space. It was just too much all at once!

I am going to bed with my funny book and pretending this evening never happened!

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Is it three yet?

  1. ugh. I hate when everything starts to die all at the same time. Hopefully you can get it all fixed in one shot. Glad you enjoyed your new meal, I love when I test out a recipe that tastes really good. Hence the creating of my Lori-ize it blog… lol Are they having you quarantine? Thinking of your co-worker and hope she has a mild case. Take care of yourself!

  2. It seems like appliances crap out all at once! The furnace never stops working unless there is a clogged sink somewhere. The A/C likes to die on the hottest day of the year, too.
    I am glad you weren’t considered a close contact requiring quarantining, although that may have provided some forced down time.

    1. Yup it all happens at once🙄
      I was torn- it would be nice to be forced to stay home for two weeks, but I’m not even supposed to get atest

  3. oh no. I am so sorry . AJ you will be fine. I am praying for you and I am no expert. I don’t know your history or health, but teachers are exposed to so so much. I feel you are the best immunity prepared, like nurses etc, and it will help you.

  4. I hope the haha novel was distraction enough and you feel happier soon. It’s definitely a pain when everything happens all at once.

    Hope you and your friend continue to be healthy! That’s kind of a scary run in. :/

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