Sorry I’ve been quiet but it’s been quite a whirlwind and stressful. So it turns out I’m not a unicorn, just a late bloomer.

Tuesday I got sent for a Covid test because I had been around people who had Covid. It came back negative on Wednesday so I went for a run that night and then went to work on Thursday.

Thursday night I am going out the door for yoga when I realize that I don’t feel good. Within an hour I have a fever, chills and agonizing aches everywhere. I spend the whole night suffering and go for a Covid test Friday at lunchtime.

Friday night I receive a letter that I have to self isolate due to contact with someone who has tested positive. This was supposed to start February 9th but I didn’t get the email until 9pm on the 12th.

5am Saturday morning I receive my text message saying that my test was positive. Of course by now all I’ve had from Friday afternoon on are body aches and a Tylenol every six hours takes care of them.

The big question in my neighborhood now is why isn’t the school closed down with ten cases and counting in the last five days???

I have spoken with the health authority and I am now in quarantine until the 21st. The woman laughed when my only two questions were whether I could take out my garbage and recycling and whether I could go for a run each day as long as I went somewhere without other people. Those are the things that are important to me!

Today it didn’t matter because it snowed so I wasn’t going anywhere anyways.

I have made my first online grocery order which was quite the ordeal. I ordered, it didn’t seem to go through, so I order again, and then suddenly I have two orders registered. I then spent an hour online to have not one but two orders cancelled as I seem to have made three orders🤦🏼‍♀️

I also called the local yarn shop as I was supposed to go yarn shopping today. The owner was working and was super helpful with picking out yarns. My friend is going to pick up my order tomorrow or Tuesday and drop it off to me.

I am thankful that there are six of us who either have it or have to quarantine because of contact. There are actually at least ten cases in the school now.

I ran out of ginger ale (my stomach doesn’t really love Tylenol) and my friend up the hill – the only one of us who doesn’t have to quarantine) stopped by with a case of ginger ale, vegan peanut butter ice cream and vegan strawberry cheesecake. I almost cried as it was so awesome to see someone (from six feet away, outside with masks on)! I am sure lucky with my friends!!

My friend’s daughter commented to her on the way home- wow can you imagine how much she’s going to knit in the next ten days! Lol she knows me well.

I did consider getting Cori to drop my laptop off to me so I could work on report cards, but my principal who also had to quarantine has already said they’ll be rescheduled so I’m thinking I’ll just enjoy the next ten days as much as I can.

I do finally have a knitting project to show you!

These are my I Scream socks by Caitlin Thomson. I am doing the SPY21 KAL this year so I should have amazing socks by the end of the year. This pattern is from the book Operation Sock Drawer which is a beautiful book! The brown is Cascade Heritage in Bark, the pink is Cascade Heritage in Strawberry Cream, the speckled is Hedgehog Sock Minis in Teacup and the red is Hedgehog Minis in Sin. This really didn’t take much of any colour so could definitely be done with scraps.

I quite often do socks on a mini circular or by magic loop but with this pattern I would recommend DPNs just to ensure your floats are loose enough.

I can’t wait to be able to wear them.

This evening I decided that if i was going to hurt and have to take Tylenol I might as well workout so I did my 2:50 plank and then I did a 20 minute resistance band workout from NourishMoveLove though I did use my easiest band and did only the low impact alternatives and took the pace a little slower. See I’m not completely crazy:). It was sure nice to move though.

Well my afternoon nap is wearing off so I think I’ll go off to bed with my book.

Have fun!


73 thoughts on “Just Stop, Please

    1. Yup we are all annoyed- they obviously absolutely no care for staff safety🙄
      Thank you! I can’t wait to leave the house and wear them! I think you’ll really like my newest project too

  1. That’s too bad you came down with the virus. I like your decision to enjoy the next few days without worrying about report cards. How you feel better soon.

    Your socks are awesome!

  2. What a nightmare and sounds like your track and trace is as rubbish as ours. Please rest rest rest though – I know a LOT of people who have had Covid and the ones who pushed it all are the ones who took longest to recover. And I mean the sporty ones who wanted to keep active. So please be careful.

    1. Hmmmm ok I never considered that. Thankfully the snow is keeping me inside for now.
      Yup out Heath authority is horrible. If we hadn’t done our own thinking we’d all still be out there.

  3. Rest,rest, rest, and if you can stand it, drink tonic water, lots of vitamin C and zinc! it sounds as though you have a fairly light case, but don’t push it. NAPS, my dear!

      1. Tonic water contains quinine, which has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of Covid, (though the US Government tried to cover that up because it is such a cheap treatment 😡. Tonic water combined with zinc and vitamin C has been recommended by doctors and nurses as a good home treatment to help you recover from a mild case more quickly.

  4. AJ, I’m so sorry to hear that you have Covid! Rest! Hydrate! Read a good book! Knit! Watch an uplifting movie! Heal! I’m surprised your school isn’t closed but maybe it will if more cases arise. So far our school hasn’t had a case since December and that case didn’t expose anyone. We’ve had to wear masks, sanitize everything, etc, and temperature checks throughout the day. I have to goin early with another para educator and screen people coming in, take temperatures and send people to the nurse if needed. At first it was very stressful but I’m getting used to it. We were remote last March until the end of the year, then went back in September to switch to remote around Thanksgiving. We went back in January and so far so good. I wish you well, get better soon! Sending hugs!❤️❤️❤️

    1. We were remote last year but returned to normal in September. My school hadn’t had any cases until this week when we suddenly have ten! They don’t do temperature checks or anything though:(

      1. Our province seems very committed to having kids in school- they’re missing all but three teachers and the school is still open!

      2. Wow, that surprises me! They should at least take temperatures. I go in early everyday. We have several paras at different doors to ask all the covid questions, take temps and squirt sanitizer.

    1. The health lady said I could leave the house for a run as long as I went somewhere no one else was!
      So far I don’t feel like running and it’s snowing so I’ve been home resting.

  5. Oh dear! I am sending you lots of get well wishes! I agree with the others…now is a time to care for yourself, to rest and recuperate. Be kind to yourself. Knit socks and read books 😘

    1. BTW, did they do any contact tracing with you? Ask about people you have been in contact with etc? I am wondering how that works in other countries.

      1. Yes they asked who had been in my house and who I’d had close contact with. Of my contacts- I’m the last to get it. I did make my running buddy go get tested though

  6. Wow – conflicting tests and I wish it had been the other way around and a false positive. Well take care of yourself and enjoy the down time and you eat health, run and take care of yourself, so you’ll breeze thru this. I think all the schools should be remote learning – I don’t understand the controversy here except I think people don’t want to stay home with their kids to be honest. And people do not spend enough time helping their kids learn so blame it on remote learning. I’ll climb down off my soapbox now. Feel better AJ.

      1. That’s what I hear as the argument here, but more that the kids are one year behind in learning. I’ll bet your mom sat with you kids, as did mine, to teach you things or help you with schoolwork back in the day. I don’t think that happens now – parents are too into their own lives.

      2. Ya my mom worked all day and then spent time with each of us at night helping us- I had help with times tables and reading, my brother got spelling and reading and my oldest brother got her making him sit down and do his work🤣. Don’t know how she did it, but she did

      3. I know what you mean AJ. I was an only child, but my mom taught me vocabulary and spelling before I started kindergarten and we did the math (additions/subtractions) using Smarties also long before I started school. The parents today are too into themselves, but I don’t say that to people as they would say to me “you’ve never had kids … what do you know?”

      4. I am opinionated about a lot of things AJ. Last year I made a comment about Trump to a good friend of mine as I felt/feel strongly about what he did to the U.S. – Trump would not give PPE to our state because he did not like “THAT Lady Governor” … so we’ve been denied a lot of things pertaining to the pandemic since Day 1. My friend told me to “take back your comment or we sever our friendship” … I have not spoken to her since. I don’t always get into a political discussion as I don’t want to be told to return from where I came from. I will be here 55 years in July.

      5. Wow that seems really sad that someone would end a friendship over one comment! I guess my mom is right- politics are a lot more radical in the states than here!

      6. Yes, that is sad isn’t it? Your mom is very right … I am not a citizen so I can’t vote but would never have voted for Trump. What has happened to this country under his leadership and how he has mishandled the COVID crisis is despicable and it has caused a very divided country. And now that he was acquitted yesterday in his second impeachment, unless they put a law into place that he cannot run again, he is now free to run again. I have no words. Going to shut down now as I have to run a small load of wash as it is very cold and I want to keep the pipes warm – going downstairs is like heading into a meat locker as I sit in the kitchen and keep the cellarway door closed. I hope you feel better – you are young and in good health and will get better quickly AJ.

      1. As I pressed Send I remembered I wanted to comment on them. I ordered myself a pair of felted mittens made of upcycled materials. They look similar to these in that they are different colors … kind of fun for Winter which is no fun at all these days!

      2. Yup I’m going colourful for my feet this year in the hopes of bringing more fun into life. You am just wait and see the next pair!

      3. Ha ha – we can sure add some color and fun into our lives. My mom one time knitted me some gloves which were a different color for each finger. 🙂

      4. That sounds fun – yes I had those gloves for years and Mom knit me a scarf in lots of colors as well. These mitts I bought are a business which a husband/wife started when the husband did the laundry, her sweaters and he did a hot water wash and shrunk them. She salvaged the sweaters by turning them into knit accessories for her daughter, sent her to school and the teacher asked where she bought them. And their business was born. I am not usually that frivolous about buying things, but I heard the story on the news about this place in Michigan after the Bernie Sanders’ mittens. They had a 20% off sale and free shipping and I deserved a treat – work was getting to me bigtime, lots of things breaking around the house and the weather. I love them … tried them out today. Took a picture for Wordless Wednesday while they were still flat. Here is the place … told the owner when I ordered they were my Valentine’s Day present for me. 🙂

      5. Thank you – first time I think I’ve done that. And, she had some nice other stuff like the hoodie but I have stuff I’ve had for years as I took the bus the entire time I worked on site and they are all still in good shape. But … my gloves were not really that warm and these are fleece lined too.

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