Well I got to work and managed to get myself and my classroom mostly organized before the kids arrived. My TOC was a very young male and I don’t think there was much discipline or actual work going on. Some of my little people had a big adjustment today back to Miss B’d rules and routines🤣

We got through a lesson on the h brothers. I said that to my mom and she asked what the h brothers are… so, the h brothers and the 5 letters- c,s,t, p and w that when they come before an h they make a new sound. The kids did fabulous at it!

We also had a story, they had library, and this afternoon we started our unit on community. I made them restart the posters they worked on yesterday as they were definitely not their best.

The craziest part of the day was when we looked up at lunch and it was hailing and being blown sideways by the wind. The kids were brought in early and then suddenly the storm was gone and we were back to beautiful sunshine and could play outside at the end of the day.


After work I met up with Sarah and Dennis for an easy run to the park. The wind made it a little tougher but I didn’t push the pace at all and it just felt good to move. One good thing of being home for two weeks is that my knee is all better:). I couldn’t believe they neither of my running buddies ran without me!


Well I found a brioche pattern to try as that was another technique I have always wanted to try. I am hoping to use up some stash because I was bad and ordered yarn for a cardigan today so that I could participate in my very first KAL with a localish yarn store. I’ll let you know when o get it.

Unfortunately it is once again dark when I am writing this so you are getting a bad photo of my Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I love how the socks look, though don’t look too closely or you’ll see the mistake, however this free pattern definitely requires the knitter to already have knowledge of how to knit socks. There’s not much detail. I would definitely make them again though. The brown is Cascade Heritage in Bark and the pink is an unknown sock yarn- probably Kroy or Regia.

Well I’m off to watch an episode of the Crazy Sock Lady before I head to bed early again.

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Back To It All

  1. Love the socks! that is a great color combination. I’m glad to hear you not only felt well enough to work, but also to run after. It’s crazy to try and undo the effects a substitute teacher has on the room sometimes, but I’m sure you will get everyone back on track quickly. That storm does sound crazy, at least it was over quickly

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