Well today made a start on getting my life back to boring.


Since I had to stay home for the delivery, I decided I could start the day with a run in the sunshine. I just did an easy three kilometers to the park and back, but it was tough! I did a Nourish Move Love stretching video this morning, my three minute plank routine and the ten minute beginner cardio workout this evening. I love days when I get all the exercise types in.

Oh and for those of you wondering where the Run to Rapid City update is, I just got a notification that my post last night didn’t publish, so I’ll say it again. I’m going to save my February mileage, what little there was of it and add it to my March mileage as I doubt I even made it out of Billings this month:(


The delivery finally came at 12:30 and they hooked up my washer and dryer. It took a couple of hours but I finally got up the nerve and did a load of laundry. It was loud without doors on the closet, but the spin sure is fast. If anyone has any good ideas of what to do for closet doors, please let me know.

My cousin came this evening and checked the washer and dryer and started the process of hooking up the dishwasher. Unfortunately there’s some conversions that have to be gone so I’ll be washing dishes by hand for at least until Sunday. I did get everything organized and put back into the closet though so my living room is almost normal:)


Since I had to be home I spent most of the day knitting. Oh if yesterday’s post didn’t publish you didn’t get to see my latest hat:(


This is the Musselburgh hat which is a paid for hat on Ravelry. I like this hat because it is double layered. I have done this one in Pascal Mohair in black for my coworker Sue for Christmas. It looked big so I made her try it on but it looked super elegant and stylish on her. I just need to get a pompom for it.

Today I worked on my Bonny sweater by TinCanKnits and the London socks by Mina Phillip. I am loving both and will hopefully be done soon.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Starting to Get Back to Normal

    1. Well I’ve decided to do my Christmas presents throughout the year this year so I had to do that one before I could do one for myself

      1. My friends say I have too many rules for myself but you’re right- sometimes I follow them and sometimes I dont

    1. No I thought of the barn door but there isn’t enough room on either side of the closet for it to slide. Thanks for making a suggestion:)

  1. My daughter just hung a curtain rod to cover her washer and dryer stacked. I think you will hear it doors or no. We can hear ours in the basement , all over the upstairs . And I;m hard of hearing!
    i just saw The Crazy Sock lady’s finish of her Mustleburgh hat. I showed it to Fireman and he thought he’d like one……I just have to check out the gauge and suggested yarn. Yours is great

    1. Ya I thought about the curtain idea- but it’s just too casual for me:(
      I’m on my second Musselburgh and want to make a third for my dad

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