This weekend was a little of everything and felt great!

Saturday was probably the busiest day I have had in the past year! I ran over to my parents apartment and got the Ott light that was languishing there. I went for a walk with Brenda so we could talk knitting. I had a quick stop in not one, but two knitting stores, I met up with a friend for an outdoor Mexican lunch and a look at the bed and couch she is thinking to buy, and my cousin came to hook up my dishwasher. He didn’t quit get it complete, but we are getting close. Of course I had to do dishes and clean before my cousin arrived so he wouldn’t think I was a slob.

6 thoughts on “A Little of Everything

  1. Good news and I assume that means you’re pretty well recovered – hooray! I am reading Real Men Knit which you recommended me last year and loving it! Are her other books as good?

    1. Oh I’m glad you’re liking it! I actually haven’t read any of her others yet but now that you’ve reminded me…

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