My students insisted we count how many days until spring break this morning. I guess I’m not the only one counting🤣


It is still a little crazy as I try to get reading assessments and sight word assessments done along with everything else. We did pretty good today, though I forgot to start the addition drills. I guess we’re doing even more of them tomorrow.

We did get through a journal, and music (when I wrote two more report cards), gym where we built our own obstacle course and a student self assessment on the term. This afternoon I did a few reading assessments during silent reading and then I got to do my first outdoor Ed activity. We had a talk about the difference between playtime and outdoor Ed and then we went out and did our brainstorming of community jobs in the gorgeous sunshine. I think it helped being outside as a plane went over so they got pilot and there is construction on a house so they also got a few more jobs out of that sight. The kids actually did really well! We ended the day with playtime outside.

It was a nice enough day though I will be happy to get past the point where I am assessing so much- it makes for a twice as busy day:(

I ran down to my massage appointment which felt really good after more than a month without one.


I got all my new stash put into my ravelry stash and my new books entered into the library so I was happy about that. I also got a project page made for my newest pair of socks- the London Socks by the Knitting Expat. These socks were great to make and I now want to make myself a pair. This pair I made for my teaching buddy and she will get them for Christmas.

These are 64 stitches on 2.5mm needles and using Kroy sock yarn. I now realize how much heavier of a sock yarn Kroy is. One sock is slightly bigger than the other as I used magic loop for one and the other started on an 8” circular but got changed to Knitter’s Pride Wooden DPNs. My gauge definitely changes so I think the next pair will be done on the DPNs and the magic loop. I just need to decide which yarn to use.

I also finished my Bonny sweater tonight but it is being blocked so you’ll have to wait to see it. I guess I get to cast something on tomorrow as I only have my knitting on the go project right now.

My cousin came this evening and the dishwasher installation is finally complete🎊🎉. Unfortunately I’ve learned tonight that the bifold doors I have been storing for about five to eight years are the exact same size as my closet openings so my cousin doesn’t think they will work:(😥😥😥😖😖

Then when I went to soak my sweater in the bathroom sink- the stopper stopped working:(. Is everything I touch going to break this year?

I’m going to hide under my covers now!

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “10 Days and Counting

  1. ugh… when it rains it pours? You’ve certainly had a tough year. But you will overcome and move forward stronger (even if your pockets are a bit lighter for a while).

    glad things are going better at school and you are able to get outside for some of your learning time. that was always one of my favorite parts of spring teaching getting outside and using nature as part of the classroom.

    1. It definitely was lovely to teach in the sunshine!!!!
      Yup I’ve had enough of everything going wrong. Now I just need it to stop so I’ll quit eating and shopping to deal with the stress

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