It was a busy day!


I again just wanted to stay home and read and knit on the couch in the sunshine, but unfortunately I have to go to work to afford the roof over the couch.

This morning we did a lesson on ing. I love doing language lessons with this class as so many of them actually remember them when they’re reading!👍🏻

We got caught up in math! The kids were troopers and we did the pre-test and two drills. Phew glad that’s over!

The cool thing is that I introduced the idea of using a “private office”. It’s just cardboard to screen the kids do they don’t get so distracted. I only have four so the first students in the row got them this morning. It really did seem to help some of my little guys. The best though was when my ADHD kid was finished and walked his screen over to another little guy and looked up and said, I think this could help Logan too. What a sweetie!!

This afternoon I got two reading assessments done during silent reading and then we talked about the three different types of communities- urban, suburban and rural. Our area is tough because while we’re a suburb ofVancouver, we also have many new towers, etc so we had to discuss that.

We ended the day with playing outside. My kids were great when we had to switch zones mid playtime because the kindergarteners came out. They had an awesome attitude! I then looked over and they were having a wedding- with a justice of the peace and speeches and everything. It was so cute!!!


I feel like I’ve been really bad about exercise the last little while. I did get out for a short run with Dennis and Sarah today and it was a tough 4.5km. I was worried but then remembered I had a massage yesterday and I always seem to struggle the day after a massage.


I printed some patterns for Brenda so delivered those today and picked up the knitting project bag I had her order for me. I love it as it is a map and I got to put my socks from the Around the World sock club into it. I came home from there and ripped out the bottom band I had put on my Bonny sweater as it was flipping. I guess the hem will just have to roll. That really bugs me though!

Pre- Rip

This pattern is Bonny by TinCanKnits and the yarn is recycled from a previous project my grandma had knitted. I love TinCanKnits and I love this colour so it seemed like a good mix. The sweater does fit well and is comfortable, but unfortunately the pictures I got are not flattering so this will have to do.

I also wound my yarn for the cardigan I am starting on Sunday as part of a local yarn shop’s Spring KAL. The yarn did not wind nicely and I hope it knits better than it wound!

Well I need sleep, have fun!


18 thoughts on “Surprise Tuesday

  1. When I taught first grade I invested in enough of the study corrals so that every other seat could have one, it was one of my favorite investments while teaching. Some kiddos just need them. I would have them available for children to choose when needed and then put them out when giving tests so we didn’t have to move the desks. It always seemed to me that these are the types of things that schools should just supply to classrooms. It would be so easy to use as IEP and 504 accommodations too

    1. It would be nice if they were provided but unfortunately I’m the only one who provides anything for my class. I’m trying to figure out how I can make them

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