On Thursday I came in from supervision to find the teacher next door had boiled my kettle and left me a hot, fresh cup of tea. It really are the little things that make all the difference.


Thursday night I went to my second to last yoga class. I’ve been enjoying this as there are very few people in the class, it has gotten me to do a lot more yoga and I go with a friend!

That being said, that friend also talked me into trying the FitOn app so I’ve done two workouts there. One option is the featured workout and I’ve just done that Thursday and Friday. It’s probably good for me as it’s definitely more than what I’ve been doing.


Thursday and Friday have been typical days except that we’ve been in lockdown at school for most of them. Thursday supposedly there was a cougar two streets down and Friday there was a coyote. I maybe in the minority but personally I don’t think any wildlife is coming near a school with 220 kids out screaming and playing.

Friday afternoon I have the kids an extra long playtime as they hadn’t gotten to go out at lunch. It was interesting that the play became much calmer as the time went on and it became more creative. Maybe this group needs longer play.

Thursday we did outdoor Ed for math and the kids used natural elements to practice subtraction to twenty. It worked really well. I like teaching in the sunshine! Not so sure I want to be out there in the pouring rain though!


I was supposed to have a run Friday afternoon but it ended up needing to be postponed because the guys coming to fix my door showed up at 3:30 rather than 9am! It only took them about twenty minutes to fix the door though I have to admit I hadn’t realized it needed fixing. I just thought it was harder to close and lock now🤣


My right thumb thinks I’ve been doing too much knitting🤣

I have two pairs of socks on the go which I don’t really like, but hopefully I’ll have one finished soon. The good thing about having tiny feet!

I’ve also been working on a hat at school and am ready for my second colour as I’m making this one reversible.

I had a set of mini skeins arrive that were a sale from a local dyers. They are pretty because they have stellina in them so there’s a hint of sparkle. I think they’ll go well with some basic colours for heels, toes and cuffs. I do want to get a garment on the needles though! I should probably stop buying knitting stuff after my yarn store trip this Sunday!

Well there’s my last two days- nothing that spectacular, but the little things have been nice!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. the fear of lawsuit is greater than the fear of wildlife.

    I often find it interesting when you provide children the gift of time, they will transform and make things more their own. they will show learning in play when they have the time and ability to slow down and not feel like I have to cram in everything in a short timeframe

  2. You have had a busy couple days! I think you are right about the kids scaring off the wildlife, but I guess better safe than sorry 🙂 Beautiful yarn – who’s the dyer?

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