It was a much busier weekend, but still lovely.


I started the day with and 8.32km run at a different river front. I’ve done this run once before when it turned into an obstacle course, but now the trail is complete and it was great! I wish I had had a better run, but it was still mileage.

After a quick tea and shower I met up with a close friend and we went and looked at a furniture store. Neither of us bought anything, but it was nice to look and to spend time together. We stopped at the grocery store where I buy my peanut butter and I once again forgot it:(

I finally got some food at this point. 4pm is way too late for the first and only meal of the day. I think I’ve found a new favorite quick meal though. I cooked up some pasta and half a chicken breast and threw them together with pre-made pesto and vegan Parmesan. It was so yummy!

I quick did the daily featured workout on the FitOn app. My friend told me about this app and I love that it just gives me a workout and I don’t have to do any thinking.

I had a text message to meet up with two friends from work for a drink on a local patio as we have just been given the okay for this. It was a great way to finish the night!

I came home and finished up the toe of my first Meandros sock as I needed to know how much yarn one sock used.


I started the day with a run at the local dyke with Sarah and Dennis. they unfortunately left the math up to me and I messed up so it ended up being 7.32km instead of 7.5, but that’s okay- more mileage:)

After a quick tea, I met up with Brenda as we had booked a private shopping appointment at one of the local yarn stores. Yes I mostly stuck to the list, but spent too much money as Brenda is a bad influence. We spotted a gorgeous sweater and both bought the yarn for it. The yarn is gorgeous, but definitely not on sale:(

I came home and was very productive! All laundry got done. I went through six magazines and recycled them – the start of an ongoing project to clear out stuff! I got four motions pouches put together and I had a nap.

I once again did the daily workout on FitOn. I think this may have been my least favorite so far, but it still got done. I also did a yoga session and rolled.

For knitting, I started the second Meandros sock. I’m not used to having multiple projects going at once and really don’t like having two socks on the go, so I’m in a hurry to get this sock finished. I made it halfway through the heel flap today.

My cardigan KAL is set to start tomorrow so I am looking forward to that as I am definitely a garment knitter and haven’t had one on the needles all week:(

I am supposed to be starting the Anne of Green Gables KAL tomorrow, but my yarn still hasn’t arrived from Lady Dye Yarns. I have to say, I’m not impressed so far:(

Ok I need sleep as tomorrow is going to be tough with the time change.

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

    1. Ugh the time change kills me and I know they’re going to be crazy because it’s the last week before break. I just hope I can be calm for as long as possible

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