I just can’t wait until 3:45pm tomorrow. I will be free and it’s been a tough week.


We got through printing the letter b, music, a lesson on subtracting by counting back on the number line and some more time spent building their community. I don’t know if I did the right thing. During guided reading today my group went down to only two kids and they asked where the third was. I said she had been doing lots of reading practice at home and had moved up a group. Now I am worrying that I shouldn’t have said she moved up. I was hoping it would motivate them as neither of these two do a lot of reading at home, but I don’t want to hurt them either.

The only other thing I did was review my report cards and trade them with another teacher today. I read hers and she’ll read mine. I have absolutely no intention of touching those things over the holidays, but will do a bit more on them tomorrow. Mom you have two weeks leave:)


I went to my last Athletic Yoga class tonight. It was a good workout, but then I had to come home and do my FitOn workout and it was a 25 minute skills and drills workout. I couldn’t let my friends see me not do it though!


I have done about ten more rows on my Bentley cardigan today, but am really starting to wonder if it is going to be huge. My plan this weekend is to get my London socks done and get to the sleeve segmentation and try on the cardigan, so by Monday I should be in a more knowledgeable and calmer place:)

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Holiday Eve

      1. I’m hoping to do some fun things but also to balance that with some nice quiet knitting and reading time at home

  1. Ahhh spring break! It is such a needed time in the school year. My boys have 2 more weeks before they get their break. It is always scheduled around Easter.

    Don’t you hate those moments where you feel like you might have stuck your foot in your mouth? You don’t want children to feel like they are being left behind, but you want to motivate them to move forward. You want them to put in the effort, but don’t know if there is anyone at home that is willing to put in the time and effort to help. It is.

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