This is going to be short because I’m tired and I have an early run, but my mon hates it when I don’t post.

Today was very mixed up. The ant people were supposed to be here around 9, but then I was told 11, then 12 and they finally showed up at 1:20 because I texted the strata president🙄

I did get my sweater ripped out and had bonus knitting time which was nice.

I thought I had a massage at 3.15, but that was cancelled so I went and met up with my teaching buddy for a little retail therapy.

The pile of stuff I bought. This is what happens when you don’t shop often.

I got home and was starving and craving cookies so I made myself a mug cake- figured that was better than having a dozen cookies in the house, but it was nothing to write home about.

My friend texted that she was across the street so we had a quick outdoor visit with her cute new puppy too:)

I spent the rest of the night knitting on my London socks and I am happy to say that they are done!

Tomorrow I will try to restart the Bentley cardigan. I will swatch again with smaller needles, though I’m bot sure that’s going to make enough of a difference as I was 5” too big!

I also got happy mail today. My stitch markers from whimsy and sassy came in. At first I was mad at myself for getting some of them as progress keepers, but I’ve actually already used one today to tell me the front of my sock when I was doing the toe. It made me smile every time I saw it. I will get a picture of my sock tomorrow and give more details.

I did do my FitOn workout but the 22 minute workout took me 54 minutes because of my lack of high speed Internet 🙄😖

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Very Short

    1. Yes it was fun to go shopping and to get a few new things, not that I need much since we’re still not allowed to do anything

    1. Yup she’s the reason I write the blog as it’s become even more important now that we don’t get to see each other:(

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