I am known for my list making- even my students know this about me. I have a list of places I would like to run and my running buddy said I could pick one to do over my Spring Break. Well today was the day:). He even picked me up so I didn’t have to drive!

We headed out to a dyke that is about an hour away and did a ten kilometer run. There is a marathon run on this dyke so I know we did kilometer 2-7 and then turned round. My running buddy obviously knows me well as we started right at the fence at one end of the dyke. Next time we’ll start at kilometer six where there is another parking lot and go from there. This area is well known for bird life and it didn’t disappoint today. I saw twelve different eagles up close and a mallard duck. I’m sure there was lots more that I just didn’t notice.

This was a gorgeous morning and I’m sure it will be a highlight of my vacation.

When I got home I had lunch as I was starving. A baked potato that I did in the slow cooker the other day (worked great) became fried potato with spinach. It was really good.

I then tackled my taxes as that has been weighing on my mind and imm sisterly did my FitOn workout after that so that I could sit down and knit for the rest of the day, guilt free.

That is exactly what I did! I worked on my crochet granny stripe blanket a bit and on my Bentley cardigan. I think I am ready for the bottom ribbing on my cardigan. I also knitted on the way to the run this morning and have about half of another Musselburgh hat done.

Oh I also have now watched every video of the Crazy Sock Lady. I think I liked her better before she became so commercialized, but oh well.

I’m heading to bed to read.

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “My One

  1. I’m a list maker. I really am. Fireman teasers me about all the notes. He woke me up at 0600 one day when he was able to get vaccine dates for us. and didn’t know a password. He said he was swearing at all my notes everywhere. Luckily , I remembered it out of a sound sleep!

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