It was a great day, even though I ended up having to go out.

I have binge watched all the podcast episodes of The Crazy Sock Lady and one thing she mentioned was doing her household chores first thing in the morning so this morning I got the dishwasher going and the microwave cleaned while I was in the kitchen making my oatmeal breakfast and tea. I felt pretty accomplished all day because of this🤣

By the way, I preferred the sock lady before this year. She is still fine, but it seems like the focus has definitely moved to commercialism. She seems to now knit mostly just her own patterns and to hype the products of her friends. I’ll still watch her and enjoy seeing products and patterns, but it’s not a love anymore:(

I had to run to the store as I was out of milk so I took the garbage and recycling out and tried to make the trip as short as possible. Of course I also came home with crackers and cookies. I wonder what’s with all the carbs? The cookies weren’t even that good:(

I spent the morning working on my crochet blanket and got to the point where I have to decide if I’m going to switch to white again so that the two yellow sections are the same size or just work until I run out of yellow. I could put a white stripe in but it would probably use up my white so I’d end up ending on a larger yellow anyways. Any ideas?

After recess of banana slices with pb&j I worked on my stitching. It looked like I had very little left to do, but I told myself just to work on it until lunchtime. I had crab on cucumber.

However, I have been binge watching the XStitchMD since finishing the Crazy Sock Lady podcast and she inspired me to keep going. Oh by the way, I really like this podcast so far:) At 2pm a miraculous thing happened- I finished the first page of the cross stitch pattern. I was so excited, especially when my mom pointed out the pattern is only two pages so technically I’m halfway done. I thought about making myself do the backstitching on the first page before moving on, but I think I’ll take advantage of whatever Monentum I have and just keep moving forward with the stitching.

After my afternoon snack of a rice cake with pb&j and tea cookies ( I know, too much pb&j and unhealthy cookies), I moved onto working on my Bentley cardigan. I messed up the ribbing at first but did manage to get it done and get the body bound off. I will move onto the button bands next so that I will do the sleeves last and be able to make them as long as possible!

I did make myself put down the cardigan long enough to do my FitOn workout this evening. It was an upper body toner which is always a good thing:)

Well that is my day. Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Done One!

  1. That was a busy and productive day! I am finish f that if I don’t do my yoga right after my Quiet time, I don’t do it! Today I am going to get off the sewing machine and take Mac to the park for a walk, the. I think he will sleep in the sun the rest of the day!🤣 Poor old pup!

  2. I like the sock lady, but if she’s headed down that road, thanks for the warning. I still love Amy Beth the Fat Sqrril most of all. So down to earth. So funny.
    Its ok to have peanut butter , lady. You are runner!! I have to eat PB2 and I love it

    1. Ooo I’ve never tried the Fat Squirrel. I’ll have to check her out. The sock lady just seems to have turned into a job rather than a love.
      I eat so much pb, it’s crazy

  3. I prefer doing my chores in the morning when I am home from work. I just run out of steam come the afternoon and that is the perfect time for tea and knitting.

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