Today was a nice mix of things.

I started the day by getting the toe done on my new sock pattern that came in my email this morning. It is the Paris sock and is part of Knitting Expat’s Around the World sock KAL. I love starting my day with knitting!

After jump starting my truck and finding parking around all the construction, I finally managed to meet up with a friend for a look around a Quayside market. The market seems so much smaller to me than it did when I was a kid. We looked in a kids bookstore, a yarn store, a games store, a jewelry store, and then had lunch on an outdoor patio. We then walked along the River path and finished the day by grabbing a few things at the market so we didn’t need to stop on the way home. It’s always a good time when I’m with my friend Em and this was a good mix.

The yarn store was small, but cute. I found the cute frog measuring tape and the three minis are actually dyed in the town next to mine. I can’t wait to put the two turquoise ones together in a sock and see how it knits up!

I came home and got the neck band done on my Bentley Cardigan. My friend is trying to stay with the group, but I think I’ll try to have it done by Monday. One less thing to worry about when I go back to work. The neck band went well and it fits nicely.

I then got my FitOn workout done. Today it was an upper body toner. I wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to these workouts as yesterday was also upper body?!?!

I then went back to work on my Paris sock. Unfortunately I misread the pattern and messed up on row 12. I have decided to just put it down and read my book instead.

Have fun!


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