Well the first day back to school wasn’t that bad.


We got through some writing about Spring Break, an addition drill, library and a lesson on the signs of Spring. I had one little girl this morning who thought she was going to have a temper tantrum. I told her to clean up her area and she tried to fold her arms and say that she wasn’t doing it while I watched her. I quickly disabused her of this idea and we continued on with the day. I have to admit she is probably one of my least favorite students this year and I know she gets her behavior honestly as her mom is the same and works with me😖

It sounded like everyone had a fun spring break and for the most part it sounded like they stayed local which I appreciate people who follow the rules!

I ran out of work really quickly as my car mechanic had called this morning during writing time, to say he could put in a née battery for me as long as I was there before four. I ran home, jump started my car and got there with fifteen minutes to spare. It took him no time to get it in and I just ate a snack and read my book in the sunshine.


I did make myself do my FitOn class immediately on getting home. Today it was another barre class which are definitely not my favorite, but it got done.

I also went through my six magazines and got them recycled and I took three books to the foyer to see if anyone would pick them up. A friend had given them to me, but they really aren’t my style!


I casted on my second Meta sock as I am doing scrappy stripes in this one, but quickly learned that I was one row short of yarn in the first colour I had chosen so I have ripped both socks back to the cuff and have weighed all my yarn. Right now I have ten scraps that will work and will need to search out two more or repeat two of these. It will depend on what I find in the jar.

Well I have to go finish the kids Bookclub book tonight as another teacher needs it for tomorrow night.

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “Not That Bad

  1. sounds like a good first day back. And today is Wednesday so the week will be half over when you finish school today. Glad you were able to get your battery changed, trying to get places before they close when you teach is tougher than people realize.

    Can’t wait to see the socks. I love the look of stripped socks! And you get to use up more yarn

    1. Yes it’s crazy trying to get somewhere when my students aren’t gone until at least three and then there are the regular tasks that have to be done. I would like to throttle people who think teachers work 9-3

  2. In my experience the first day back isn’t that bad because the kids are sleepy and a little stunned by the change in routine. Somewhere around Wednesday they took the gloves off… of course this is the high school experience. 🙂

    1. Well we’ve had a good week so far so we’ll see how long it continues. I do have a class like no other I’ve ever had this year

      1. I read an article that said there was no correlation between candy and wild student behavior, and I thought that maybe they should spend a few days in a classroom after Halloween or maybe Easter…

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