I was telling someone about Friday Eve today and I think they’re going to adopt it too. I can’t believe how fast the weeks go!


Today was a busy day, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

We got through printing and then I prepped for next week while the children had music. I then had to run down to the intermediate playground as I was on supervision.

We also finally got to learning about fact families today. I really don’t like only having math classes on Thursday and Friday. It’s a long time between concepts:(. Five of the girls were amazing at it, most of the rest were fine and two had no clue what I was talking about, but what I loved was how my students are starting to know themselves and what they need. My super ADHD boy has started planting himself on the other side of my desk to do his work. Another girl has figured out she works better standing up and so stands at the back counter and the two girls who didn’t understand the math today, came right up to me and told me so that we could work through it together. They are maturing before my eyes!

This afternoon we started our socials topic which is way too nebulous as usual- the natural environment affects the community and we affect the natural environment. Try teaching that to six year olds. 🙄. Today we read The Earth Book by Todd Parr and went and picked up garbage outside. 🤣

We finished the day with playing outside since it was cold, but not raining.

After school the plan was to have Bookclub and then enter the report card info into the database. Thankfully my teaching buddy’s Teams meeting with a distance student was cancelled so we got an early start on entering the report card info.

Of course right as I went to start the Bookclub meeting my computer shut down for updates to install. It was a bit of a shmozzel, but the kids were really good about it. It’s always so neat to talk with kids whom I used to teach about books. They have such an interesting way of looking at things. I had said I thought the Wild robot was sad, but none of them did and they all loved it!

After Bookclub, I finished entering all the report data! I will print them tomorrow and hand them in and then don’t have to think about them until they get handed back to me with any corrections I have to do.

The big news and excitement today at school is that our principal is on leave and we have an acting principal for now. She’s already ahead as she sent an email introducing herself, came to every class to introduce herself and talk to the kids, sent an email to staff asking for staff meeting topics and sent an email to parents introducing herself. That is more contact and communication in one day than we have had in three and a half years! She’s not a primary principal, but so far she’s off to a good start!


I did my FitOn class today- I think this makes thirty days in a row now! It was a Pilates class. It was nice and short, but I do miss having a warm up and cool down!


So I got the first stripe on my meta socks done and I did go with the smaller stripe of only three rows rather than four so that I could use the small amounts of yarn I had of two of the colours. I think this is going to be a potato chip knit!

I also got another 21 rows done on a sleeve of my Bentley cardigan. I hope I finish one of these projects this weekend. I don’t mind having my mindless project for work or socializing, but otherwise I think I’m a one project at a time kind of knitter.

Well I stayed up later last night to finish my book so I think tonight I am heading to bed early.

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve!

  1. ok first reaction… can this principal stay? You certainly could use a principal who cares about the staff, students and such.

    Why oh why would your schedule only allow for teaching math two days a week?? That is crazy to me. Math is the gateway subject in middle school, high school and college! It should get as much attention in the primary grades as reading. (can you tell I think math is important??)

    ok final reaction… what is a potato chip knit? I know nothing about knitting beyond knit 1 purl 2 (: But potato chip caught my attention

    1. I am hoping this principal stays, but last time our principal took a leave we only got a month. I’ll still take it though!
      They put all of my preps and gym blocks in the morning this year and I tried math in the afternoon but it didn’t work well with this group. I try to get a tiny bit in the other three days but it’s tight:(
      A potato chip knit is one you just always want to do one more row:)

  2. I love reading about your working with your students. It’s marvelous that you have such a good class this year. Congratulations for getting your report cards done, awaiting revisions.

    That’s fantastic that your new principal is off to a good start. I hope she is the answer to prayers and that she will be there for a long time.

    1. It does feel good to have a weekend where I literally can’t do anything on reports!
      Yup I’m hoping she remains organized and communicative and until the end of the year

    1. I will definitely suggest it if I ever get to talk to any parents. They aren’t allowed in the school so it’s tough to get a chance to talk to parents

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