It was nice to have a quieter day:)


We had a fire drill this morning and the kids did great! We also got through chalkboard spelling and the kids added colour to their environmental elements page from yesterday. We went outside to play Three Little Pigs for gym. It was so cool and I would say my gym class was a success because as the kids went out for lunch they were organizing another three little pigs game. Yes!!!!

We did a bit of math, silent reading/guided reading and then did a lesson on healthy foods. It was interesting that it was easier to name the treats than to name the healthy stuff. I really had to bite my tongue when they named hot dogs and Mac n cheese as healthy! Love both, but healthy🤨

At lunch I came back to reports of three boys dog piling and hitting each other with water bottles. I talked to them, they lost five minutes of outside playtime and I emailed their parents. Hopefully that’s enough to nip this Spring behavior in the bud!

The kids were in awe this morning when they thought I was wearing heels. They were really just loafers, but they make a clicking sound compared to my silent running shoes and flats. Unfortunately I had to garbage the cute red shoes at lunch as the whole bottom had fallen off and the leather had cracked all over the place. I am on a wear it or get rid of it kick, so tomorrow it will be a different pair of shoes.

After outside playtime, I ran down the hill so I would be home in time for my brother to drop off my new closet doors. He remeasured the other doors and decided that I had better just sell them as they are quite large for my closets. 😞


Today’s FitOn class was a mobility class which I am categorizing as yoga. It is nice to have these easier days:). My friend who introduced me to the app has the goal of doing a workout everyday for 88 days. I don’t have a goal yet, I guess I’ll have to think of one.


I got the ends woven into the Bentley cardigan and it is blocking right now. I didn’t stretch it much as I like the fit already.

I finished my last scrappy Musselburgh. It could have been longer, but I like most how it used up 4 skeins of yarn.

When I came home and there was an unexpected package I had no idea what was in it. I had forgotten that I won a skein of yarn from Tanya at Bloomin’ Fabrics. I can’t resist knitting with it and so plan to buy the Hitchhiker pattern by Martina Behr and start ASAP.

Isn’t this yarn beautiful?!?! It is her Deep Blue Sea colour way. I’m just not sure how it’s going to knit up as I’ve never bought yarn like this before.

The hitchhiker pattern will have to wait a little as tonight I am frogging my serendipity sweater and I purchased the Ankers sweater pattern by PetiteKnit to reknit the yarn. Unfortunately my yarn is sport weight and the pattern comes in fingering and dk and I messed up and bought the fingering one 🤦🏼‍♀️

Maybe it’s time for bed!

Have fun!


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