Refresh was the word of the day! I woke up to an email sent last night saying I could sign up for a vaccination appointment. Of course all local appointments were gone so I could only get Sunday afternoon about an hour away. I told my students about it and they were determined to help me get an appointment. All day, “miss b hit refresh” was the phrase as we kept looking to see if there were appointments available. I did finally get a local appointment tomorrow at noon. I’ll have to tell my kids on Monday.


Beyond registering for the vaccine, we did a reading lesson on forming an opinion about a book. They were much better about stating a reason this week than they were last week.

We got through our last math lesson on word problems and then went out and taught the other grade one class how to play the Three Little Pigs game.

In the afternoon we had flashlight reading and I took my highest reading group, who I swear, don’t even need me there🤣. We then finished our forest sketches from yesterday and I had the kids glue them onto backing paper. I guess we’ll see Monday when I put them up how well they did at centering and making them straight. We ended the day by playing on the playground.

I left quickly after school again as I had a physio appointment. The physio was a few minutes late getting to me but that worked on my favor as that’s when I finally got my good vaccine time. I didn’t love having the needles in my foot and my calves feel tighter than they have all week, but hopefully tomorrow I will wake up better:)


I got home to happy mail. I had a shawl cuff on my list for a while as if I’m going to wear more shawls and scarves and cowls to work to stay warm, I need a way to keep them on right. Knox Mountain Knit Co had a sale on late last week so I had ordered a basic black shawl cuff and it came today. This is actually the second time I have bought this exact shawl cuff, but I gave the first one to my friend Lyndsay.


I once again sat down to knit on the hitchhiker shawl as that knit is completely addictive. I did make myself switch over to starting the Ankers summer shirt as I need a project to knit with Brenda tomorrow. For such a simple knit, I sure am having trouble with it. Maybe I’m just tired. My biggest goal this weekend is to finish my meta socks so that they are done before the next Rome socks come out on the first.


I did get a yoga class done on the FitOn app today. I recorded everything in my book and am having a bit of a tough time with the fact that I feel like I’m 100 km behind this year. I should be at about 350km right now and instead, I’m in the mid 200s:(

My plan is to do a household cleaning chore before I sit down to knit in the morning. We’ll see how I do.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Refresh

      1. Awesome! I’ve already ripped three times as it looks weird to me once you get past the first increase but I told myself to go further this time and then see what it looks like:). It will be nice to have company!

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