Well it’s been quite the weekend!

Saturday morning I woke up at my usual time and told myself not to open my eyes and not to get out of bed and amazingly I went back to sleep and slept in. It was lovely!

The most exciting thing about Saturday was that I am one step closer to hugs. My noon appointment for the vaccine went very smoothly and I was actually done and out by 12:06! Hugs are definitely a motivator for me as I am a hug-a-holic and definitely miss giving and getting hugs!

I spent the afternoon with Brenda, knitting in her backyard. It was lovely as well since we have not managed to have knit night for over a year! I had mentioned doing a gauge swatch for the Ankers summer shirt and Alissa of HeadKnits said she would love to do a knit along with me! I love having company so that works for me, though I have to admit this sweater is flying along! I worked on the Ankers sweater on Saturday as we enjoyed the sunshine and have just picked it back up a bit ago tonight and am almost done the yoke section. The yarn I am using is Gathering Yarns and I had made the Seraphina sweater out of it last year and ever wore it because it was huge and boxy on me. I ripped it out earlier this week and knew I wanted to do the Ankers out of it. I love the colour, but so far it really doesn’t seem to have great stitch definition which is too bad as that’s what this sweater relies on. I’m going to keep going with it and it will just be what it will be.

I also did some more work on my meta socks and on the hitchhiker shawl. However, the most satisfying knits of the weekend were my two dishcloths that I did out of old cotton thread I had around. It used up two skeins out of my stash and made me go through the yarn and discover I didn’t want two skeins, so they got passed to Brenda’s friend. Four skeins gone- we won’t talk about the five I brought in:(

Dishcloth knitting will be my lunch hour knitting this week I think and we’ll see if I can clear off that shelf. The boxes of cotton drive me crazy as they’re forever falling off the shelf.

This morning started with my usual run with Sarah and Dennis. We did 7kms out and back along the dyke and it was entirely too busy out there, however, this run felt incredible! I didn’t realize how much my foot had been bothering me until I ran without pain today. I wish every run was like this!

I have also gotten very lucky on the FitOn app and have had a yoga class three days in a row. I feel like I am going to pay for this though in the coming week.

My cousin also came this morning and installed my new bifold doors on my laundry closet. It feels great to no longer have to look at my storage and machines and to have that project complete. It is a little disappointing that the doors don’t “snap” shut, but already today I have gotten over it and I’m sure I won’t care.

It was great having him here as it meant I couldn’t just sit my butt down and start knitting so I got all my food prepped for the week and I got some of my fridge cleaned. This one little job each day is working well so far as I usually end up doing more.

I also ended up having a nap today as I didn’t think I’d had any side effects from the vaccine shot until I went to bed last night and realized my arm was aching horribly. Every time I moved last night it woke me up so I didn’t sleep well at all. I hope I don’t have another night like that as it’s not going to lead to a patient teacher tomorrow!

Well I’m going to go stretch my calves and probably peruse the MidKnit Cravings website as I think I want every colourway they have!

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Congratulations on getting your shot! Sounds like a very nice weekend – time to knit with your friend, getting your closet doors installed, and getting some other chores done as well 🙂

  2. Great run, hope you have got over your vaccine effects! Having a knit time with a friend is so nice! I have enjoyed doing that with my sister on Sunday nights, and she is actually making progress on her sweater. I keep swapping out projects…last weekend I had to quilt instead of knit.

  3. Hooray vaccine! I was warned not to run just after so left that a few days – I had big fatigue and aches anyway for about 24 hours. I ran into someone the morning of my vaccine who said don’t worry about not having it in your dominant arm: make sure you don’t have it in the arm you sleep on! And I did just that, had it in the right, and was glad. Hope all soreness has gone now!

    1. Oh that was smart to have it in the arm you don’t sleep on. I hear the second dose hits you harder but I won’t think of that until august. I feel fine now:)

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