It wasn’t really mayhem, I just like alliteration:)


Most of our day went well though my boys were little monkeys today😖

We got through a journal entry this morning. The children had music while I put up their sketching artwork. We then played Three Little Pigs outside again. Everyone has been a pig, a wolf and Grandma so we will move on for a bit now. I introduced graphing which is my favorite math subject and we’ll spend the next two weeks on that. In the afternoon the children planned their next STEM project in which they will be building natural environment elements. The volcano was a very popular one🤣

We had a CDMC meeting after school during which I was very bad and spent the time choosing and ordering new stitch marker. Some people talk just to hear themselves talk and others are busy trying to organize big events in the last two months of school🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

The best part of my day at work actually came first thing this morning when I came into a lovely package on my desk.

My friend Cori left me a lovely treat and that orange came in handy after school since I had forgotten about the meeting.

I tried to stop in on the way home and do some grocery shopping, but they didn’t have my milk and the lineup was crazy so I will try again tomorrow. I’m buying a few milks this time!


I walked in the door and knew I had to do my exercise class on FitOn immediately. I actually really liked the class today. It was a tabata cardio class and it was a challenge but I actually felt in better shape:). Let’s hope I continue to feel that way!


I also got all the garbage taken out from the door installation this weekend and the living room floor swept yet again:)


This morning I had done some time on my hitchhiker shawl. At lunch I worked on a dishcloth and this evening I did the heel turn on my meta socks and got down to where I am done the yoke design on my Ankers Summer Shirt. I’m totally not used to having so many projects on the go at once and I think I need to finish a couple of them. Of course I finished the dishcloth tonight while on a zoom call, but I’ll just start another one tomorrow so that’s not going to help the situation.

I really should be motivated to finish the meta socks, but I don’t seem to be. I am wondering if it’s because changing colours every three rows is annoying and it’s no longer using skeins up:(

My zoom call was for my Bentley cardigan KAL and I had to admit that I finished it. I’m the first one finished- maybe there will be a prize for that🤣

Well that’s my entire day. Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem

  1. what a sweet friend to leave you that fun box of treats. I don’t miss staff meetings! I can understand why you want to finish up some of your projects. I tend to like working on one or two projects of any kind at a time and then finishing that before starting something new. I always feel like nothing will get finished if I have too much going all at the same time.

    1. Lol sometimes, but right now it doesn’t seem like anything is being accomplished. I don’t think I actually knit fast, I just don’t do much else right now

      1. We’ve had warm weather all week but it disappears on Friday so I should be able to wear it then.

  2. I am so happy someone sent you that wonderful box. What a sweet thing to do.
    I’m trying to finish sock one of two. I may switch to a shawl after this one sock. My heads up in the clouds somewhere. I really ought to stick to socks.

    1. I really don’t like having more than one project on the go at home and one portable project, and suddenly I have five projects. It’s starting to stress me out so I’m going to need to spend my weekend knitting and get some of these off the needles!
      I hope your knitting goes smoothly. A shawl sounds fun:)

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