This year we have had a spirit day each month at school and today it was dress as your favorite book character.

My day actually started with a meeting with my new principal which went quite well I hope I was tactful- it’s definitely not my strength🙏🏻🤦🏼‍♀️

The kids and I finished their friendly letters that we started yesterday and we sent them home with them so they could actually send or give the letter to whomever they had written to.

We also did chalkboard spelling and the kids are doing really well! We went outside for gym and I introduced the kids to the game British Bulldog and then we got through a math drill. This afternoon we concentrated on discussing healthy food and they created their dream, healthy dinner.

For the book character day, I dressed as Anne of Green Gables and my students didn’t know who I was😥. We then had to watch a few animated parts of the book I found on YouTube. The kids were super interested as the EAL kids didn’t want to leave. Our new principal dressed up, gathered the staff for a photo at lunch and read her favorite book to the school online this afternoon. She did more in one day to foster school spirit than has been done in the past four years!


I left school early and came home, got my recycling taken out and did my FitOn workout which was an arms and upper body. It didn’t use weights, but I probably should have grabbed some!


I don’t really love having more than two projects on the go at one time- one for home and one portable one. Suddenly I have five😳😥

Tonight I did three stripes on each of my socks and am almost done gusset decreases. This morning I did a pattern or two on my hitchhiker shawl. I then switched over to my Ankers Summer Shirt. I am about two inches past the sleeve separation and I decided I had better do the sleeves and then I can just knit the body as long as possible. I don’t think I’ll be short yarn, but who knows. I have finished the right sleeve this evening as I changed it and made it only five rows of ribbing as I don’t love a deep ribbing.

I really need to knit a lot this weekend and get a few of these projects finished up as I have a test knit to do!

Well I’m done for tonight. For some reason I am super tired tonight:(

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Book Character Day

  1. So great that things are going better with the new principal! I know what you mean about suddenly having a whole pile of projects going – I don’t like to have more than 2 or maybe 3 going at a time either.

  2. I love that your new principal is making connections with the school, the top is where the atmosphere of a school is established! Was this principal an elementary teacher before? I’m not surprised that your students didn’t know Anne of Green Gables, but glad you were able to share part of the story with them.

    1. No our principal was a grade 6/7 teacher but her mom was a kindergarten teacher.
      Yup they asked to watch more of the Anne series today:)

  3. Sounds like the new principal is a win, I guessed you were Anne! I know what you mean about too many projects, I buckled down this week and have finished the borders on my two graduation quilts. Tomorrow I am cutting the backs and getting one pinned, then I’ll clean the sewing machine and start quilting. I’m hoping to have them quilted by Sunday so I can do the bindings during the week.

    1. Wow! Great progress! I got the dishcloth off the needles and the Ankers to boring stockinette in the round so feel slightly better. I’ll start the test knit and try to finish up the socks this weekend

  4. I liked Anne of Green Gables books but I am a heckuva lot older than your pupils. In fact the word “pupils” is what we were called – guess that is archaic now. 🙂

  5. Hello hello “Anne”, I love the dress! Very Green Gable-ish indeed. I tried FitOn a few times, now trying out an app by Alexia Clark and quite liking it. Trust you are enjoying the beauty of spring. xx

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