It kind of was my Friday today as tomorrow is a ProD day that I can do from home. I love these days as they get my time, but it’s so much more relaxed and I can get a run in and pop in laundry on my recess break!

Today was a tough day at work as my students were wound up. Other teachers even noticed it!

We got through printing and I did prep for next week while they had music. We did some work on graphing, both making and reading tally graphs.

This afternoon after guided reading we tried to do our cherry blossom art as outdoor Ed, but the wind was gusting and blowing away pop bottles and flipping paint pans. It was crazy!

I got the room ready after school, met with a parent who just wanted reassurance that I was seeing the same thing and that it wasn’t wrong to go see a pediatrician and then I came home!

I met up with Dennis for a run. Sarah had decided not to come so it was just the two of us for 6.3km. I feel like my mileage is way down:(. I think I might try to sneak out for a few kilometers in the morning to try and make up some distance.

I stopped to look and the store still didn’t have my milk:( but I did pick up a single serve packet of Vega protein powder. I keep planning to buy this at Costco but realized I should try it first to see if I like it before I buy a big container of it!

I came in the door and started on my FitOn video but it took forever since I’m once again out of high speed data. I really need to stop watching so many knitting podcasts on YouTube! What bugs me is that I wasted my data on a podcast that wasn’t even good!😖

I finally sat down to some knitting and finished up the second sleeve on my Ankers sweater. It is now mindless knitting in the round and so will probably become my lunch knitting for a while.

I also finished up my most recent dishcloth. I already feel better about three projects on the go and tomorrow I will pick yarn for my new sweater test knit.

For now I’m off to knit on the hitchhiker and watch another knitting podcast🤣

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve!

  1. I love that they are letting you do your professional development at home. I would think many teachers would hope that this continues beyond this year. Are you feeling the early effects of a full moon? (I looked it up, the full moon is the 26th). It’s crazy when you see multiple classes that are just all off at the same time. Enjoy your day and your weekend!

    1. I did wonder if there was a full moon coming as I find this class has been very influenced by that this year!
      Yes it’s lovely being able to do ProD from home. Today I’m concentrating on learning more about outdoor education

      1. Yes I’ve always done Take Me Outside Day, but this year I’ve done some other things outside too. I don’t know how it would go if I had a different class though

  2. AJ I am sure your student’ s mother felt great relief talking to you. Teachers are our partners and as parents we feel you see them at their most fun and their most stressed.
    Happy knitting. Ive yet to settle on something. But I swear I will

    1. I hope it was useful to her. I also hope you find something to knit soon. I always dislike that feeling when I can’t settle on a project

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