I really didn’t think this run would take me over a year, however 2021 has not been a good running year so far. Let’s hope it gets much better!

I have been working on running to visit Kathy in Rapid City since the start of 2020. This virtual trip has provided a lot of incentive to get out the door for runs.

Last month I was at Busby, Montana and now I am standing on the highway where it intersects with Suicide Pass road.

When I googled this road, all I keep getting is a listing of the “Most Dangerous Roads in America”. Woah this does not insight positive vibes. I’m thinking I’ll just keep running!

This is a gap located in Powder River County which has a population of 1,720. I think I’m going to see more wildlife than people as I come through this part of Montana! I did learn that I could sell my condo at home and buy four houses here, but so far I haven’t seen a house to buy🤣

Supposedly there is a great 8km hike from here through Custer National Forest, but I’m really not sure I want to venture anywhere near a place called Suicide Pass.

I should soon get to Broadus which is the county seat and will hopefully be slightly bigger.

Hopefully I get to Kathy soon!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Run to Rapid City Update #13

  1. That is one heck of a name for a road. Let’s hope drivers heed the warning. As for running on it, yeah…not so much. Keep on trekking girl!

    1. I know! Who would go on a road called that. I’ll be putting as many miles as possible between it and me!

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