This weekend has probably had the most happenings for the past year!

Saturday I got up and started the day with a gorgeous, easy run over to the mill and back. It will add an extra 5km to the mileage for the week and hopefully calm my mileage fears. It was nice because it was the perfect temperature and there weren’t four million people out yet:)

I then spent some time knitting on the test shawl and then headed out to my friend Emily’s place for lunch. We had ordered delivery from the Morning Tide Eatery which is new and boy was it wonderful. It was actually a wonderful lunch for many reasons- the sunshine, knitting on my current vanilla sock, a quiet backyard where there was no time limit, great food and an awesome friend. When we looked up it had been three hours so I took off so Em could get some chores done.

The vegan bowl was great!

I just got home just in time for a text from my knitting friend Brenda inviting me over to knit on her backyard. The sunshine this weekend definitely improved my social life! I, of course, said yes and packed up a few projects to work on. It was a lovely few hours of shawl knitting in the sunshine.

When I got home I did my yoga routine for the day on the FitOn app. I learned my lesson last week that doing a hard workout the day before my long run wasn’t a good plan!

I also pulled out all my sweater and tee yarns and started making plans! I have to admit I finished my vanilla sock that I’ve been knitting on at work because I was just too close to resist.

This is Mina Phillip’s vanilla sock pattern with a German short row heel done in Area51 Fibres Sturdy Alien sock yarn in the colourway The Duke and I. I love this yarn!!! It was awesome to work with, soft enough and the stripes are addictive. The socks didn’t end up identical, but close enough. The next pair I want to knit toe up so I can use absolutely all of the yarn.

Sunday started with my usual run with Sarah and Dennis. We managed 9km out along the river. It was a very slow run today as Sarah hadn’t run since Tuesday and my heart rate was awesome! Maybe that problem has solved itself:)

After a coffee with the gang, I headed home. I got my Pilates workout done before my shower and then cleaned up to let my cousin into the complex to work on his truck. This was great as I also got to see my uncle whom I haven’t seen forever!

I spent much of the day knitting on my test shawl and doing laundry. I also had a lovely nap.

I’m back to knitting now as this shawl is also addictive!

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

    1. Thank you! I ran pretty hard today and saw that my heart rate stayed pretty low so I’m happy. My blood work in a couple of weeks will hopefully show any issues.

    1. I wish I was healthier, but I love to eat!! I am getting a little stressed with having too many projects in my head!

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