It was a nice weekend, but as usual- not long enough!


I started my weekend off with my yearly blood tests and as far as I can tell, I am incredibly healthy. Yay! We will see if my doctor agrees.


I have spent plenty of time being active this weekend. On Saturday I did my first bike ride of the season and it was awesome! It was a perfect day weather wise and the area was pretty quiet until we were leaving. I planned on just a 10km ride to start the season, but soon found myself at 17.5km.

I also did my yoga session on Fit On. I’ve been enjoying doing more yoga and am definitely better about it this year than last!


I met up in Brenda’s backyard with Brenda and Patti. It was lovely to spend some time with friends knitting. I started on the container that my running buddy Dennis wants. I spent most of the rest of the night working on crocheting this container.

Sunday started out with my usual 10km run. It was just Dennis and I. We seem to have lost Sarah and I just hope it wasn’t something I said or did! I tried to keep my pace to 6:30/km and it went really well!

This evening I got my FitOn workout done and it was a weights routine. I would like more of my workouts to be weights as I’d like some definition in my body!

After tea with the group, I came home and got my laundry done and my floors swept.

I then went back to crafting. I got the container done. It was super easy and used two skeins out of my stash!

I also got the buttons sewn onto my Bentley cardigan and started my second test sock. I have gotten onto the gusset of the sock, but am super close to running out of yarn. I can’t decide if I am going to unravel the first for its yarn as there is a mistake in it or if I’m going to try and find a very similar yarn in my stash????


I baked for the first time in a long time. My friend at work had brought me rhubarb from her garden so I have made Rhubarb Dream Bars from the Noshing with the Nolands website. This treat is always a success, but it’s a really good thing I am taking all the rest to work. Two treats, (I stopped for ice cream yesterday) in two days is probably not the best idea for shrinking my hips back down!

I have ended the evening with watching an old Hallmark movie- Cooking With Love which I always enjoy:)

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. AJ, I want to see the crochet work. You are such a good knitter and crocheter. Glad your lab work was tip top. You can start your summer knowing you got through a wild year with COVID as a teacher

    1. Oh I thought I had the picture in there. I’ll have to figure this out! I am trying to get all medical appts done in June so I don’t have to worry at all during the summer!

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