Well I am getting closer! It’s tough to think that it is going to take me at least fifteen months to do what others do in a matter of a few months, but I have to remember that comparison steals joy so I’m not going to think about that! Instead, I’m going to think of how I’ve run 1,852 kilometers and am super close to seeing Kathy!

I have been working on running to visit Kathy in Rapid City since the start of 2020. This virtual trip has provided a lot of incentive to get out the door for runs. Especially now that I am getting so close to the end!

Last month I was at Suicide Pass Road and I’m glad to be past there. I am currently in Hammond, Montana at the start of the Kaufman Trail.

There may be a campground down this road, so if I needed some rest I could stay there, however, with being only about 200km away, I just want to press on.

There may or may not be some awesome hiking in this area. From where I am standing it just looks like a road, and there seem to be a couple of places called Kaufman Trail- one of which I’m standing at and the other is in Butte, Colorado.

Let’s hope the picture above is from Montana and not Colorado or I’m definitely going the wrong way!🤣🤣🤣

Well I’m off to get some more of that 200km done!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Run to Rapid City Update #14

  1. You’ve gone so far!! I have 8.3 miles to go to finish going right round Iceland, my last lockdown medal. I am a bit tired of challenges now!

  2. Marvelous! You are going to have a great reward for your faithfulness in running to visit Kathy. You will need to spend some time alone with her, but let’s have a big celebration when you are ready. I’d be happy to bring a gluten-free hummingbird cake — just got the recipe from neighbor Shawn.

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