Sorry I’ve been quiet- it’s not been the best time. It is super stressful at work- report cards and problems between co workers making for a tense atmosphere.

In knitting I have nothing to show because me and the test knit shawl are still arguing. I got to row 48 with no problems, didn’t realize I made a mistake on row 49, got to row 51 and had to tink back to row 48🙄😖

I have been super tired and actually slept in for two hours yesterday morning as my phone shut down during the night and for the first time in my life, I was almost late for work. The girls at work laugh as I arrived 16 minutes after waking up and still beat a few of our coworkers to the building. It made for a super stressful day for me though.

Exercise wise I am still running and doing my FitOn workouts. Nothing new there, though I am trying to go a little higher on run mileage so I can reach Kathy’s house ASAP!

Otherwise, nothing is happening so I will write again when I have something to show for my life.

Counting the days until I get to see my parents!!!!!!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Quiet

    1. Thank you! Yup I’ve had it with people assuming I get paid time to write all those report cards and if I have one more person tell me I’m winding down, I might scream!

  1. Oh AJ. Big hugs. Work conflict stink. I hated them. But I learned to say things like,

    Ive done the work here.
    I am knowledgeable in this area.
    We may disagree but I respect your efforts to communicate your needs. Now let me communicate Mine.

  2. I’m sorry about work, AJ. And also about your knitting project. It’s such a bummer when you catch a mistake late. That happens to me with sewing at times and it can be a terrible situation.
    Things will get better. I’ve been feeling so tired myself. 😞

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