Well it was the second to last Monday and I survived:)

I started the day by realizing it is Bookclub this Sunday so I had better get going on the book. This is the book I suggested as my friends had loved it- The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware. We shall soon see if it’s too scary for me!


We had promised the kids that we would do one fun thing a day so they brainstormed last week and Liane and I picked one for each day.

Today we started the day with a land acknowledgement as it is national indigenous day. The exciting part for the kids seemed to be that they could see each other on the smartboard. We watched a video about indigenous and read a book, but then I left it alone as one of my kids had nightmares after the last discussion on residential schools. It’s always tough to approach these heavy subjects with the little guys!

They had music while I coloured the four birthday certificates for the kids with summer birthdays. You can bet I bought birthday certificates for next year- no more wasting preps colouring!

After our snack we went into the forest with the other grade one class and had a nature scavenger hunt. The kids had a fabulous time and were super excited!

This afternoon they had buddy reading and then we started creating mini books of our own stories. We shall see how it goes as I don’t think I will get back to it until Wednesday.

We ended the day playing outside. We started by trying out the new sensory path and games put on the front patio. My students never get the front patio so this was super exciting!

Amazing how our new principal was there less than a month and figured out the kids on the patio needed something to do!


It is super hot for us here today- about 30 degrees which is 90 for the US so I really didn’t feel like exercising, but that’s no excuse! I did a total body agility Fit On class and called it done.

I then met up with my teaching buddy and we bought snacks for the class for Thursday when we show the movie.


Finally I have been working on my test knit raglan. I am super concerned that I am going to run out of yarn, plus it seems big. I tried it on and it’s a little loose, but okay. I think I’m going to cheat and not add as many stitches. I will only do five increases throughout the body instead of eleven. I know I should do it exactly because it is a test knit, but it’s going to be ginormous if I do that! I just won’t say anything and hopefully it won’t be noticed. I think I’ll go do the collar before I carry on with the body.

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “One Monday Down, One to Go

    1. Well we get to keep her for next year so that is a start. Yesterday she came to deliver something to the class and actually stayed a few minutes to go around and see what my students were doing😀

      1. Exactly! I never mind them talking to my kids. It’s when they stand at the back of the room staring at me that I have problems

  1. I am always kind of sad that your school year goes so far into the SUMMER. Here in Wisconsin the summer is usually under way by Memorial Day, and back to school after Labor day. Maybe we dont have as many off days? Anyhow, happy end of the school year

    1. We have to be in school for 180 days a year but it’s not even consistent within our provinces. Lots of schools finished today. We go back after Labour day in September.

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