This is just a quick check in.

I am still at school. Unlike the districts around us we go right until Tuesday at 2:50pm. It’s going to be interesting as it is supposed to hit 41 degrees on Monday which is unheard of. We haven’t had that temperature since one of my pseudo brother’s wedding fifteen years ago. I have to admit to being a little worried about keeping kids safe in an unair conditioned building at that temperature😳

Today was PJ and stuffie day so the kids were super excited. They also got their year end movie this afternoon. I spent the time ticking off some year end jobs.

I met up with Dennis after work for a run. We went to a local park that is wooded as it was 28 degrees and it actually went better than I was expecting. I have to admit I’m not getting much mileage in with these hot temps, but I’ll hopefully be able to make it up in July when I am off.

I also got a yoga class done on FitOn tonight. Every time I see my much lower mileage so far this year I remind myself that I’ve quadrupled my yoga time so far so that has to have benefits too. Besides I didn’t have any time working from home this year where I could squeeze in a lot more runs!

Knitting wise I have finished a shawl and I am on the second sleeve of a sweater, but as they are both test knits I am not yet able to share them. I will do so as soon as I can.

I’m off to bed early as last night was a tough night. I got my second covid vaccination on Tuesday night and yesterday afternoon and evening it was just like I had covid again. Not very pleasant. I’m glad to be feeling better today, but want to give my body a little extra rest.

I’ll try to check in and let you know if I’m surviving the heat wave. I know it’s not hot for some places, but it’s very hot for us!

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve

  1. 41 sounds painful. You’ll need buckets of ice to feed the kids…!! I wouldn’t survive that temperature. I certainly wouldn’t be able to function with a class of kids 😔 best of luck to you!!

    1. Yes I’m not used to this and don’t really like the 30 we usually hit for a couple of days.
      My arm seems better finally so I hope his does too:)

  2. 41 that far north..😳. When ai was a kid in a non air conditioned school, if the inside reached 80 degrees and stayed that high for more than an hour, they sent us home. The thought was that you couldn’t sit and concentrate on temps that high. (And that was back in the 70’s when we had no AC in our cars or houses, so we were tough!) Hope common sense prevails, your new principal seems much more able to make the right call than the previous!

    1. She brought in popsicles for the kids and teachers. It actually reached 28 degrees just in my classroom when it was 33 outside so we shall see what it does when it’s 42 outside on Monday!

    1. So close! Two more days but it feels like I should already be on holidays. We are supposed to hit 43 tomorrow and don’t know how I’m going to keep it cool enough for the kids!
      I’ve only ran 75km this month:( I’m never going to get to Kathy’s this way:(

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