Well I’m almost done work, but it’s a struggle in this heat!

Our normal summer is about 25-28 with the odd day at 30 degrees. Well today we have spent the day at 43 degrees. They cancelled school for the kids which was a good call, but we still had to go in. I looked at it’s a way to have extra clean up time in my room, but when it hit 30 + degrees in my classroom (we don’t have AC), I was done. They finally let us go home at 1:30pm. Walking home at that time was torturous!

I ran this morning before school and got three kilometers in. I still think this will probably be my lowest mileage month yet:(. I am running tomorrow afternoon too, but am considering going out in the morning too just to get a little extra in.

When I came home from school today it was even too hot to knit, so I did a jigsaw puzzle so I can return it to a school friend tomorrow.

It was gorgeous and only 500 pieces so three hours was enough to get it done.

I also managed to do a yoga class in front of my fan. I am getting good at doing everything in front of the fan! I have spent the entire weekend in front of the fan during this heat wave!

Well I’m going to go pull my PJs out of the freezer and head off to bed.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Hot Time

    1. It is crazy temps for us right now- unheard of here! They were out of vegan ice cream yesterday, but that may be happening today!!!

  1. I do not like the heat. 🥵 I feel drained from it. Yesterday I asked my husband if we could move to Vermont!!

    Stay cool. I chuckled when you said your PJ’s were in the freezer. 🤣

    1. I don’t do well in heat either which is why I live where I do! This weather can go away!
      The PJs in the freezer didn’t work great. It felt great putting them in but they were instantly warm

  2. Frozen pj,s that’s a great idea! Have you frozen a bowl of ice then popped it out and put it in front of your fan? That works pretty nicely. Do you have AC? If not, it may be time for a trip to the library and to the movies!

    1. I did a wet towel in the freezer, but thankfully the heat has toned down. Unfortunately no AC, just a fan that I lived in front of

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