It was a quiet day for me, but I feel like I made a little bit of progress on stuff.

Last night I did something I have never done before! I actually sat down and figured out how much I needed to run each day to beat last August’s mileage. That meant I had to get up early and do 3km this morning. There was a lovely breeze so that didn’t bother me at all!

I then met up with Dennis and Brenda for a walk around the local river and a tea afterwards. Poor Dennis. I haven’t seen Brenda lately so there was lots of knitting talk.

I came home and immediately got my hydration pack washed as I couldn’t stand the smell any longer! I think that’s the only useful thing I did today though.

I picked an older NourishMoveLove workout today as she doesn’t have a workout of the day on Sundays. It was a 30 minute HIIT workout with weights and was still killer. I really like how she links a workout of the day each day on Instagram though. I wish she had an app like the FitOn app though. I am loving her for the summer when I have more time, but may need to do FitOn during the school year when I have less time in the evenings.

I have been working all day on my Rocket Tee by Tanis Fibre Arts, well except for suing my 1.5hour nap🤣. I am liking this pattern and the striping will make it different from all my other tees. I already have plans for the next tee so am trying to get this one done quickly!

I also did some rolling and stretching today. I have been having a hard time with the fact that I am 200km behind in mileage this year (mostly due to injury and illness) so today I went looking at last year’s exercise log. I am only 7km away from surpassing last year’s biking mileage. I have already almost doubled the amount of time spent on yoga. As well, last year I only had 15 all-star days ( days where I run, workout and do yoga) and I’m already at 23 for this year. I have to be happy with this and realize in many ways I have improved this year over last year, even if it’s not in my running mileage!

Well I’ve just split for my sleeves and want to keep going.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Quiet Progress

  1. I think you have done fantastic in your workouts this year. Maybe looking at it from a different angle other than beating your mileage. If you added in the miles biked and walked you probably have way more miles than last year. Plus extra workouts and yoga. I say stop giving yourself a hard time and start praising what you have done!

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