I’ve been told I shouldn’t apologize for my quiet days so I will try not to from now on. In truth, I love having quiet days at home and it is only when I come on here to talk about my day that I feel a little bad that it’s not super exciting to read about. Oh well, I guess you all have the option to not read so I will just continue to have my quiet days and not apologize for them.

I started the day with my usual 3km run. I am hoping this will become a routine that I can keep up even when school goes back in. We shall see. I also immediately did my NourishMoveLove workout for the day. Well really I’m not sure if it was a workout or yoga. It was a 10 minute dynamic warmup. It had yoga moves, but also strength moves. I put it down as yoga since it was so short.

I actually ended up going for a second run this evening with Sarah and Dennis around a local park. We were supposed to do the same run we did on Monday, but it was just too hot to be on the sidewalks in direct sun so we took to the shaded path. We got 5.26km in which was great as my plan called for six today so I am now about 4km ahead of schedule. I like having that little bit of cushion.

This morning I also went and picked up three workout items from a lady in the next city. I love wearing Ivivva, but of course Lululemon discontinued their girls line so now I have to search for it second hand. I don’t know why they discontinued it when it seems to be extremely popular. I was happy to get a new pair of capris, a short sleeve and a long sleeve top. I also got a short walk in on this outing since I was early.

I want to do at least one thing for my house each day, even if it’s a tiny thing. Today I cleaned my bathtub drain. It took no time and I’ve been meaning to do it forever!

Other than a nap, I have spent the day knitting and watching podcasts. I made two more knitted dishcloths that used up five more skeins of the cotton thread. I also finished my Rock It Tee by Tanis Fibre Arts. I will include picture and details tomorrow as I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken any yet and it’s dark now.

I also found myself casting on the everyday tee but have decided that it isn’t the right yarn that I was using so I will be tearing that out.

The best thing just happened a second ago- it started raining! We have had a record number of days without rain and it has been so muggy so this is awesome!!!!

I also finished my current book last night. It is called How To Knit a Love Song by Rachael Herron. I enjoyed having a book that featured knitting that wasn’t a cosy mystery. It was an enjoyable read, though I really didn’t expect the secondary storyline of a stalkerish abusive ex boyfriend. There was one scene where he jumps out of a closet that I really didn’t like, but I liked the rest of it:)

Well, I think that’s it for me.

Have fun!


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