My day didn’t go according to my plan of another quiet day at home, but it was lovely.

I started the day with an 8.39km run with Dennis. Sarah had called last night to say that she wasn’t coming. I knew this morning as I was leaving the house that this wasn’t going to be an amazing run and sure enough my legs were tired the whole time. I think this is the reason my heart rate was high (though not dangerously so this time), and it felt like a tough run from the first step. Note to self, don’t do a speed challenge the day before the long run. I want to try to challenge myself again, but maybe I’ll move that to Mondays. I had meant to do a kettlebell workout and some yoga, but it just didn’t happen today. It’s a good thing I meet people for most of my runs or they may not always happen either.

I came home and was working on knitting a brioche toque, but decided that I needed a nap instead. Since it’s summer, I went ahead and had one.

I was just finishing up getting the dishes done (my house job for today) when Brenda texted and invited me over for some knitting.

I didn’t get a ton of knitting done, but we did get a list made of the advent calendars that have been available this year so that we will be better informed for next year.

I stopped on the way home for gas at Costco and the process took an hour! It was insanely busy and I didn’t think about knitting until I was at the pump. That was really dumb of me!

I ended up ripping out the brioche toque as I wasn’t happy with it, but have started a pair of DK socks instead. I’m loving the yarn and will hopefully be able to show them to you soon.

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. I had a massive nap yesterday afternoon, I was a bit annoyed as my husband was out visiting his parents and I had things I wanted to do (I did mop the hard floors and hoover the house still) but I must have needed it.

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