Sorry for no post yesterday. It was a busy day and I got home late and went straight to bed.

I started the day with a run with Sarah and Kula. Those 4km go a whole lot faster with company!

I also immediately got my workout done which was a twelve minute upper body workout by NourishMoveLove. I’m always amazed that it’s bicep curls that I have the worst time with!

I then had to hustle to get to my friend Liane’s house. She drove and we hit the trail for a lovely 18km bike ride. It’s always enjoyable with Liane as she has a sunny,positive attitude and likes to just enjoy the ride. Most of the time it was only us in the trail, but we hit the mill and the trucks had a traffic jam. It provided a few minutes of entertainment watching g them sort themselves out.

We had a lovely lunch at the new Pur and Simple. This reminds me of Cora’s. It was nice and bright and fresh inside. My Mexican skillet was very yummy! The only downfall I could see was that their teapot was tony! It didn’t even hold enough water to fill up the mug!

We had a quick look in a new store across the street, but I think you had to be six foot and weigh a hundred pounds to buy anything in there!

It was another quick shower and change for me as I was picked up at 3pm by my friend Em. She had won tickets to an advance screening of Free Guy. We started with a happy hour at the Kind Cafe. It was awesome food. I got to have flatbread and spinach dip and a vegan ceviche and corn chips.

I wish every place offered options like this.

I didn’t know anything about the movie, but it turned out to be great! I also got a sock foot knitted:)

Well that was my crazy busy day.

Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Crazy Busy Wednesday

  1. That was a crazy, busy day! Mine was busy, but at home. I made bread, picked and canned 13 pints of green beans, picked peppers, then roasted, peeled and canned 12 pints, cut back some of the irises, taught a few piano lessons, made dinner, and did a little cross stitch. It was pretty packed, but I wanted to take advantage since it only got to 81 today. 😁

    1. Oh that is a lot of great accomplishments Kathy! It is super hot here today so I have accomplished absolutely nothing today

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