It is just too hot here today to really do anything.

I did start the day with a 4.23km run around a local river with Dennis. It was nice to have unexpected company on the run and I was happy to have it over with early! Unfortunately, I have done nothing else even though I had planned to do abs and yoga today. It’s just too hot!

Thankfully I got groceries on my way home because I have been laying on my bed in front of the fan today reading. I am on the third book in the Books and Brews series by Sara Rider. I think I liked the first one best, but they have all been enjoyable.

That’s it for me. I’ll go back to trying to survive this heat.

Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Too Hot

  1. Ice water, and before bed, bathe your feet in cold water. It sounds crazy, and it is hard to plunge them into the sink, but boy it helps me get to sleep when it’s so hot!

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