I have been meaning to write a post about my very busy weekend, but I’ve been falling asleep instead. Just know it was super busy!

Today I started the day with a run with Dennis. We did a different route which started with a walk up the big hill beside my house. I found my legs were super tired and my butt was sore from my butt and back workout yesterday. My Garmin still says I got a PR for my 5km time which is cool. I think I could still go faster.

I quickly showered and headed over to the medical clinic as I had to go for another test. I was so annoyed as I was there early and yet they still took me late:(

I am taking care of my brother’s dog and so have been trying to build in time between each outing to go home to see him. He hates when his people are away so he always looks so sad. Banks actually refused to go for a walk this morning because he wouldn’t go out of sight of the house.

After lunch I picked up my friend Liane and we hit Costco. It felt like a bit of a waste because I didn’t want to be buying any fresh food as I will be going back to visiting my parents. I found a few things including a pair of shorts which will hopefully fit.

After Costco I laid down and had a little nap and then spent a lot of time throwing the ball for Banks.

It was then time to head for trivia. I really didn’t know anything tonight. I think the only question I knew was:

Which country’s women’s soccer team just won the Olympic gold medal?


I did leave early so I could get home to walk the dog.

Well Banks and I have been out for a walk and are now heading to bed.

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. I thought you said you took a nap in Costco!! You made me snicker!! Then I reread it. I have been running but overdid it this week and am biking with Fireman instead, cheating on my e1ectric assist bike

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