Nothing like a timeline to help you get things done!

I started the day with a run with Dennis. Sarah had asked us to switch the run to Sunday this week as she was away camping, but then she didn’t show up. I got a text an hour later saying she forgot to set her alarm. I know it shouldn’t bug me, but it does because when I say I’m going to be somewhere, I’ll be there! The bright side is that I got to do a ten kilometer run which was nice:)

I had time when I got to the park this morning to check the water and oil in my car and realized, getting oil was a priority so that’s the first thing I did after tea! I also stopped in on the way home at my brothers place as they had brought me back some peaches and wine.

I am leaving to visit family tomorrow so that got my butt in gear. I got my garbage and recycling taken out, my kitchen floor swept, the laundry put away, and my bags packed before I had a lovely nap.

Knitting wise I wanted to finish the sleeve of my Everyday Tee as that’s all I had left and didn’t want it lingering on needles while I was away. I did manage to get the sweater done and while it didn’t look great, it thankfully looks better on!

I think it will be a very handy sweater for work. This is the Everyday Tee pattern by Twin Stitches Designs. I did it in Fortuna by Classic Elite Yarns in the colourway Gypsy. This yarn was odd. It is marked DK, but it seems to have almost a thick/thin texture. It has taken me a lot of projects to finally find something it worked for. I am happy with how it looks and don’t even mind that I didn’t alternate skeins.

I have finished the night with some stretching for my hamstrings and plantar fasciitis as I felt both on my run this morning. It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube!

Well I’ve showered and I think I’m as ready as I can be for a very early wake up tomorrow.

Have fun!


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