My mom always seems to be worried that we don’t do much when I visit, but it was the best holiday!

I get my favourite company!

I get time and support to have all- star days in my exercise where I get to run, workout and do yoga.

I get beautiful walks with my mom along paths where there are the most amazing blackberries just waiting for me to eat them.

We go on fun adventures! We drove up to check out one of the last places we need to see in the island. We went to Gold River. It is very quiet. In fact, when you arrive you wonder if the town has been abandoned as all you see are a couple of visitors wandering around there are five residential streets to house the 1212 people who live here. We stopped by the “mall” which definitely doesn’t have Lululemon at it, and is in fact mostly closed down. We drove out to the docks but they aren’t super well organized. I have to say the best part of Gold River are the carvings spread around town.

I have absolutely no regrets about visiting though as I now know this. Plus, I got another pair of socks knitted on the trip.

I also get lots of rafting time with the added bonus of moral support!

I have sewed a tank top and a project bag while here. I have kitted two pairs of socks for myself, one pair of socks for my mom, a toque for my niece and dad and have been working on aHalloween shawl. I think this will be changed into a cowl tomorrow.

I also get to eat my favourite foods as my mom spoils me-tons of fruits, avocado and cheese, crackers and pickles!

It has been an awesome holiday, but unfortunately today I return to reality.

Have fun!


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