For the past year and a half I have been running to virtually visit Kathy in Rapid City, South Dakota. Note to self- set up a zoom call with Kathy!

When I finally got there it was an awesome feeling, but being the goal oriented person I am, I immediately needed a new goal. Enter…Mildly Granola! I love reading this blog and have often been envious of her knitting circle- they wear the same socks and have yummy snacks! She also has the cutest kids who will wear knitted items:) So I was beyond excited when she invited me to carry on running to visit her in Urbandale, Iowa.

August was my first month continuing on from Rapid City and I have made it to Okaton, South Dakota. I’m actually standing on the intersection of 264th street and Interstate 90.

Okaton is a first for me as it is a hamlet. I’m not sure I’ve ever visited a Hamlet before. Okaton was founded in 1906 when the train went through but now boasts a population of 36.

One cool thing is that it used to host a ghost town, but the owner died and it shut down then.

I won’t be staying long here and hope to make more good progress in September. September is a tough running month for me as it is back to school time and my running buddy goes on his annual holiday. Last September I only managed 68km so I am hoping to do more this year!

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Moving on to Iowa

  1. Okaton is definitely a blinky town! This month you will probably make it to Chamberlain and cross the Missouri River which is actually a pretty incredible decent into the breaks, and back up on the other side. The rest stop on the east side has a replica of Lewis & Clark’s boat built into it and an incredible statue honoring Sacejawea.

  2. so glad to hear you made it to Kathy! So much fun.

    this statement made me laugh “One cool thing is that it used to host a ghost town, but the owner died and it shut down then.” I guess the owner who died didn’t become a ghost or else he could have just gone on running it from the after life.

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