I don’t like when my best laid plans go awry! I had to have a procedure on Wednesday morning which caused me to be off work for the rest of the week. I had all these plans to get a massive amount of knitting done, but unfortunately, I learned that knitting moves your entire body:(. I have gotten a bit done, but nowhere near as much as I had hoped for!

I have finished one of my Halloween socks that I am knitting a stripe a day from Area51 Fibres and using the Heel Toe Do Si Doe pattern. I just started the second sock this morning and got the cuff done on it.

I am also up to date on the test knit I am working on for Char Knits right now. This is the Second Chance Shawl and is meant to be done with an advent calendar. Since I will only be getting my first yarn advent calendar this year, I found some cool grey with rainbows to stripe in. The knit is going well though the ten rows a day are starting to take much more time now that the shawl is over 300 stitches. I just worry that it might get too big for me.

I have also been working on Shawlography. This is the first Steven West design I have knitted and the first mystery knit a long I have done. I got the first clue done in the nick of time and so am trying to be more proactive with this clue. I have to admit I am actually procrastinating by writing this blog post because I’m at a part that I don’t really understand. I’m not giving up but I am having a break and a cup of tea and then will try again. I love how he does a video that guides you through each and every row! I’m going to have to watch closely for this one!

Reading wise I did a whole series this week by Evelyn Adams. It was really good because it had just a touch of thriller or mystery to them. Enough to be interesting but not enough to truly scare me:)

I have actually just started a new audiobook on Libby. It is The Husband List by Janet Evanovich. I am super enjoying it too!

Well, I will get back to shawlography now.

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

    1. Yes I’ve been knitting along to the video. After I tinked back the four rows, I realized I was actually right and the new looking stuff started on the next row🤦🏼‍♀️

  1. Hope you’re OK. Procedures and anaesthetics and all that always leave me more tired than I imagine. I had a fall at a race on Sunday and I’ve been SO tired since then, even though I really didn’t hit my head or anything and no broken bones. Hope you’re up to full strength soon.

      1. Aw, thank you. Yes, I was seen by medics at the event, and they told me to go to the ER so my friend drove me there, where I had an x-ray on my hand. No fractures but I’m still pretty bruised and scraped. I’ll be OK though and can still work, thank goodness. A horrible shock really.

      2. Oh the shock is the worst. I remember what it was like when I fell in January- one second you’re running and the next your on the ground wondering how it happened!

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