I’ve had an exciting couple of days!

Yesterday the fireplace repairman came to service the gas fireplace and he hooked it up to a thermostat!! I am so excited that I won’t need to come in to a cold house ever again!!

Today my teaching buddy and I weren’t ready for our science experiment so we decided to take the kids back out for the same Fall walk we did yesterday. Today we saw and owl and it stayed still and let us stare at it for at least twenty minutes!! It was so amazing!!

Can you see it?

Trivia tonight was fine, but boy do we ever suffer without Jason. I think it’s not a bad thing for me to have a break as one of the women is driving me nuts!

So what did I know:?

In which month is the Calgary Stampede?


Which two puppets were on Mr, Dress Up?

Casey and Finnegan

How many canadian Supreme Court judges are there?


What was Michael Jackson’s album after Thriller?


In the music round he asked about Crazy songs, movie or show theme songs, Taylor Swift and then five random songs. We did okay, but not awesome.

In Kahoot, it’s always a blur. We were in first for a bit but ended being 5th.

In the final round I knew how to spell Downtown Abbey.

What does FOMO mean?

Fear of Missing Out

How to spell hors d’oeuvres

Which artist did Leonard Skynard have a feud with?

Neil Young

What is the Canadian women’s curling championship called?

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts (thanks dad for making me watch all that curling growing up)

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. Hooray for the fireplace thermostat! That’s marvelous!

    I would never have been able to see that owl if you hadn’t said it was there. That was exciting. I’ve seen only one owl in my life. It was sitting on a telephone wire to our house.

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