It’s been a quiet week!

Saturday I went for lunch with two of my oldest friends and then to the park so the boys could play. It was great to catch up!

Sunday I went for a walk and then was home knitting. It was a very quiet birthday for me. Usually it’s the difference between my expectations and reality that give me trouble, but this year I didn’t mind the quietness of the day. Perhaps too quiet for a birthday, but rather quiet over crazy!

The most exciting thing about Monday was that my principal provided treats for the staff meeting and she actually found chips and chocolate I could eat. It was great to not have to watch others eat. The treats also made the meeting more bearable. I did a workout when I got home to make up for all those treats.

Tuesday we got almost everyone done their parent Christmas card. my running buddy cancelled so I did another Nourish Move Love workout.

Hopefully this quietness continues- as I’d rather have quiet than drama!

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “quiet Quiet Quiet

  1. Happy birthday! Mine is in January and I’ve had to give up on the idea of going to Spain for it (it’s a big, round birthday) but have booked a week off with all my clients, at least.

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