Thankfully I have been busy because this certainly keeps up on me.

I have been keeping up on my temperature tree by Stitchin Mommy. I’m a little disappointed that with this continued hot weather, it isn’t going to be symmetrical, but oh well, it’s still pretty!

I have also been moving ahead on my project for my dad. I keep thinking I’m almost done because I only have two words left, but then I remember about the skull and cross bones and the ship and the huge border!

I did finish something too! I tried my first Mill Hill kit and it certainly won’t be my last! I know it took me about a week, but obviously I didn’t get to work on it every day. My mom asked me how many hours it took me and I have no idea. I have one more kit so I will keep track of hours with that one. They make a fantastic gift though as they don’t take long. This one is for my friend who plans to buy a hobby farm after her retirement in June.

I will need to bring home some felt from school to fully finish it.

Finally, my mom and I are starting a SAL! Earlier this year I had done a hello summer stitched piece for her and we have bought a hello fall piece to stitch now. She is doing it on 16 count for my door and I am doing it on 32 count for her door. I’m a little worried about her arthritis, but if she finds it uncomfortable, I will just do both:)

I unfortunately don’t have the cover picture for it, and won’t even bother with a picture this time as all I’ve done so far is one row of thirty red stitches- so not exciting!🤣

Of course I’ve also been doing my knitting too. It’s so difficult to balance the two hobbies that I enjoy so much along with my reading habit! I really need to retire so I have time for all of my hobbies!

Please make sure you check out all the other amazing projects!



AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie, Cindy, MaryMargaret


24 thoughts on “SAL Update

    1. Thank you! It’s neat to see how the weather changes slowly. I don’t love having to remember to check the temperature each day

  1. I love the tree AJ. It’s so pretty. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many hobbies? I know so many people that retire and just sit in front of the TV. Good luck with your SAL with your mom :0)

    1. Oh I absolutely can’t wait to retire because I have so many things to keep me busy and need more time for them! I am loving stitching along with my mom!

  2. Lots of wonderful things to comment on and I for one think the assymetrical makes it far more interesting. The mill hill project looks lovely, I can’t say I’ve done any of their kits but their beads are my go to and I’ve got quite the knack at securing them now (granted you have a bead needle)

    1. I loved the mill hill kit and am thinking I should just do a few throughout the year so I always have them around for presents

  3. I’ll have to look up Mill Hill – not familiar. One of my daughters use to cross stitch and it would be fun to share a project like this. I’ll have to wait till she retires 🙂

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