Off Again

I got up early this morning to shower and take the skytrain down to the boat. I wasn’t positive I’d be going anywhere as they were having trouble with the generator, but I went anyways.

We did manage to finally leave at about 10:30 and spent most of the day put-putting up the coast. It was a gorgeous day and other than the wake from a few big boats, the water was wonderful and calm!

I used the time to get caught up on blog reading and I had a nap (unfortunately I rolled over onto my arm so it’s unhappy), I knitted, and I enjoyed the sunshine.

This is how I boat!

We arrived and have anchored in Pender Harbour which is actually made up of the unincorporated Madeira Bay, Irvine’s Landing and Garden Bay.


This evening we went for a walk with the dog and it looks like if I’m going to be running, I’ll be doing hill training around here😫😳

Well all that fresh air and sunshine has worn me out. Here’s my view and now I’ll close my eyes!

Have fun!